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When I’m not blogging about wine, a purely personal and independent endeavor, I can be found at USA TODAY in McLean, VA, where I’m a deputy managing editor supervising the Editorial Technology group for the paper’s website and print product.

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I also work with the managing editor of, helping to oversee operations, news coverage and site development. In an earlier role, I was the website’s founding technology editor, supervising the section’s production and writing syndicated columns.

Before that, I worked in the paper’s News Department, where I served as lead reporter covering the Justice Department, FBI and CIA.

You can read all about why I would leave such a great beat and jump into cyberspace at this legacy page at, where I describe how it dawned on me in the mid-’90s that the Web was the biggest thing to come along in journalism since Gutenberg’s press.

I think Gutenberg would have liked blogging.

—Sam Meddis, aka vinothekid