Twitter Tweets about wine as of October 30, 2012

Saristotle: Nothing is more annoying than my mom drunk on wine.
2012-10-31 03:15:35 · Reply · View
kaylee_pierce: Some say good love, well it’s like a fine wine, it keeps getting better as the days go byy ?????????
2012-10-31 03:15:34 · Reply · View
GurleyGurl72: Wine time!
2012-10-31 03:15:33 · Reply · View
WineHype: Kane: BarZ Wines are for those who savor and ponder: Canyon winery produces wines with old-wo… #wine in the #news
2012-10-31 03:15:32 · Reply · View
DaniBondie: RT @TheSluttyComic: I went to the kitchen to get water. I came back to my room with half a cheesecake and an entire bottle of wine.
2012-10-31 03:15:32 · Reply · View
kiwiandkoala: Getting your hands on some good wine? @hahnwines? RT @TristanFairbank: I’m at Hahn Family Wines (cont)
2012-10-31 03:15:32 · Reply · View
MeganEhlers_5: RT @LMAO_Kid: Yellow coloured wine is called white wine
because its made with green grapes…
Fuck logic
2012-10-31 03:15:31 · Reply · View
kcbrooks: RT @meglynnedavis: Shut up! Sippy cup wine glass. I need this. WE NEED THIS! @kcbrooks
2012-10-31 03:15:30 · Reply · View
AlexisBreanna: RT @cvandebabe: I just need to be off work with a bottle of wine and Friends reruns #sleepy
2012-10-31 03:15:30 · Reply · View
BigWeney: She got eyes that cut you like a knife and lips that taste like sweet red wine #shesgotwhateveritis
2012-10-31 03:15:27 · Reply · View
CadeMJohnson: Cheap wine and microwaveable pizza. I’m not sure if life gets any better. #goodlife
2012-10-31 03:15:26 · Reply · View
JamBoiRallen: What more can I ask for? Warm bath, glass of red wine, feet up listening to some Chris Brown…awwwww…complete serenity. *Shhhh…*
2012-10-31 03:15:26 · Reply · View
MyersSays: People are so fucking inconsiderate.You wouldnt wave a bottle of wine in front of a recovering alcoholic would you? Then why do it to me..
2012-10-31 03:15:21 · Reply · View
LaticiaMills: I wish I could trade in this cup of coffee for a glass of wine lol!!! #teamcollegestudent
2012-10-31 03:15:21 · Reply · View
tc3375: Who knew mozzarella balls and wine would get so many smiles…. @ roma, italy
2012-10-31 03:15:21 · Reply · View
NateMassie: So what’s a couple bottles of wine between me and the fall?
2012-10-31 03:15:21 · Reply · View
sheabaybay89: Cuddles, wine, scary flicks, and good company, not much more could be asked for in the miserable weather! ????????????????
2012-10-31 03:15:17 · Reply · View
_M0naleesah: @iNando_ Yup And White Wine
2012-10-31 03:15:16 · Reply · View
VEEinterrupted: @airam3000 I got you :-) ahhh cant wait!! next weekend, salsa reggae and wine, and tons of catching up!
2012-10-31 03:15:15 · Reply · View
djgogarty: wine Wednesday pt 2 but it’s Tuesday haha
2012-10-31 03:15:15 · Reply · View

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