Twitter Tweets about wine as of October 9, 2012

RegBale: RT @spencer_tucker: I don’t always drink wine, but when I do, it’s from Cali’s central coast #ednavalley
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kingisjim: @U2sannieGO @bwells @monicamoneh a jar of beach sand, Cali wine, and a dodger t shirt will do!
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ssariianne: RT @SororityProblem: Everybody knows that getting drunk alone isn’t pathetic if it’s just wine
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BrittanyAllisa: finishing my bottle of wine is really depressing.
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AdrianaGPinto: Why do I think it’s necessary to have a cup of wine…or 2 at night to help knock me out quicker?
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CaliforniBoo: Wine is water, right? #DrinkDrank
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ginagaetz: Drinking wine, eating ramen and reading kant…#thisiscollege
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APuliti: Clumsiest day ever… Broke my toe (w help of jamming it 2x) then tonight, spilled my wine not once but twice all over table b4 drinking any
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SPRAT_BY_NATURE: Baby you wine fine, you taste like a fine wine, body shaped like the bottle as we thrust I am throttled, its a must that I have you
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wxvybone: She like “Where the cognac why we drink wine?” ’Cause the wine get you open heard through the grape vines.
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atpkeepitreal: A woman should be spoil and wine and dined and well respected and ne treated special notice I said woman and not girl
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Chad_Sax11: @caro_wine you love it
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Quira_1: RT @troyburkettt: @Quira_1 I should tell you I got baggage to. Wine and beer!
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smchickbigdeals: RT @OMGfoodie: #Wine Lovers – This week we ft Jadis Wine Bar in @lowereastnyc ! Sign-up at for the full scoop
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PizziniWines: The King Valley’s La Dolce Vita food & wine celebration includes our annual Gnocchi Fiesta. This year for the…
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mhariannah: Yay! :) Which day next week? ;) RT @ShAyLe_Liza: @mhariannah cheers!!! next week red wine tayo… hehehe
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Mom2ZQB: Stain remover yellowed shirt arm pits, grease, wine, etc. 1 part Dawn dishwashing liquid and 2 part
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LePetitPlatane: #Winetours in #Capestang
2012-10-10 03:15:47 · Reply · View
peterjrutz: iron and wine kind of night
2012-10-10 03:15:45 · Reply · View
mccellarangel: It’s what we do that counts. Try not to feel good seeing this video, buying wine & changing the world.
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