Twitter Tweets about wine as of August 5, 2011

Alliberri24: I could agree more! :) RT“@jlcrump816: @Alliberri24 @jackienelson82 @ralphmacchio . He’s like a fine wine just gets better with age.”
2011-08-06 03:19:54 · Reply · View
I_TheAbstract: What goes better with girl time then wine ;)
2011-08-06 03:19:53 · Reply · View
MGraceShea: RT @snyder_samantha: I always notice small things in the background of pictures.. For ex, a glass of wine, a joint, someone actively earning beads in PCB… #awk
2011-08-06 03:19:52 · Reply · View
IanHough: @Arthur_Rimbaud Once, if memory serves me well, my life was a banquet at which every wine flowed…
2011-08-06 03:19:50 · Reply · View
taylorxyoung: @EthanMania it’s the fuckin Catalina wine mixer
2011-08-06 03:19:49 · Reply · View
CheshireSplat: RT @OldHossRadbourn: Of course, in my day the "national debt" could be paid back with a tun of wine, a Henry rifle, and a score of beaver pelts.
2011-08-06 03:19:47 · Reply · View
bizzybezzina: Playing monopoly with the sis + wine… i wish it was the pokemon version #GottaCatchEmAll #winner
2011-08-06 03:19:45 · Reply · View
Tara_R: I can never remember… is it up in proof or down? Been drinking wine, can I go to beer without getting a hangover?
2011-08-06 03:19:45 · Reply · View
sukeshsukumaran: New Zealand’s most passionate wine guy and social media strategist @jayson_bryant, good to be connected here!
2011-08-06 03:19:43 · Reply · View
maybabypedals: @annereeths @breinash We won. The bat is outside again. I am pounding wine and not even getting tipsy. #wineparty
2011-08-06 03:19:41 · Reply · View
Princess_Phoebe: Exercise or sip some wine? Bottoms up!!!! #fuggitItsFriday
2011-08-06 03:19:40 · Reply · View
atleehammaker: RT @OldHossRadbourn: Of course, in my day the "national debt" could be paid back with a tun of wine, a Henry rifle, and a score of beaver pelts.
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authenticflower: This Mexican in the gas station just said "porty wine, porty two, and duuty niiii" he meant "forty one, forty two, and thirty nine."
2011-08-06 03:19:37 · Reply · View
Rache182: RT @Vintage_Cellars: FREE EVENT: Taste our best wines of 2011 today at a VC store. 11am-5pm. #wine #Sydney #Perth #Brisbane #Adelaide #Melbourne
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mspaulagarcia: thank God for wine
2011-08-06 03:19:35 · Reply · View
2011-08-06 03:19:35 · Reply · View
BeautifulJazz01: Steak…salad…wine and shots of patrone#familytime
2011-08-06 03:19:33 · Reply · View
ItsLizG: @st3reosteve love this place! Ginger vodka, sparkling wine and.the sushi was making my tongue do the happy dance! ?
2011-08-06 03:19:32 · Reply · View
23kimkim: Would it be wrong if I mix a little hennesy in some port wine? They’re both grape derivatives… #Cocktail
2011-08-06 03:19:30 · Reply · View
GLamGirlJenn: My homegirl came thru with a bottle of wine, feeling nice!
2011-08-06 03:19:28 · Reply · View

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