Twitter Tweets about wine as of August 4, 2011

AmberLeafEvents: Thursday night, 08/18/11, AmberLeaf will be open for wine & appetizers. Enjoy the music of the WannaBeatles! Music starts at 6:30! See ya!
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IttyBitty_ANNIE: Everyone’s drinking wine but me
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juliansjuice: "I don’t care how much people tweet about this wine … It’s undrinkable!" – unnamed Las Vegas sommelier
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SweetLykCandyy: I’m developin an acquired taste for wine =X
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Baguirre2: Every time you talk, you waste my precious time, I don’t hear the call, i just hear the wine.
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leslieviller: RT @JayzieTO: Can vouch for the lobster Cobb salad. Delish! RT @chowhoundgta: Le Canard Mort takes flight #leslieville
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TheFifthPRgirl: Chef Jay, gym with a wine hangover 2morrow. But it was worth it! Sticky toffee cake!! AMAZING.
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Ace_ov_Spades: Sureee RT @LanieFbby: Lmao Asshole! I meant WHITE WINE ha @Ace_ov_Spades
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cjbarto: @jesse_herron hahaha its a joke between Karl, zach n i. I got some shitty wine called 99 vines
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TeeARNOLD: @iMNiTTy hot makes pissy wine.
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coopercheryl: Husbands are like wine, they take a long time to mature.”

Letters to Juliet – Donatella (Lidia Biondi)

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kareltherobot: Holding a glass of red wine while wearing a pick leopard bra underneath a see through vest does not make you classy.
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simplyivyy: Ivy I just had half a wine cooler I can’t go and get you tampons at this moment. Bitch I asked you 2 days ago to go get me them
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ross_eldridge: "You can’t go wrong with a box of wine. It fucken smashes ya" – homeless guy in Chinatown cellars
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BradLyko: They have a wine called Girls Night Out ? They should have a beer called Man Dem
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ustalkme: ??? RT @DJJloco: Lmao RT @ustalkme: Isn’t wine suppose to be a downer? Why am I soooo HYPED? lmao #Drunk?
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MAV_Couture: Off to sleep, gotta be up early for manicure, pedicure, food shopping for my dinner party along with a run to the liquor store for wine:)GN!
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mbneil: Special Wine & Tasty wine team? Yes!! Them! RT “@CarriBrown: Oh shit! Someone call SWAT team! STAT!!! RT I have run out of wine! PLEASE RT”
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