Twitter Tweets about wine as of July 31, 2011

misskayelee: King K & King E sitting pool side… drinking wine, looking at the night clouds!
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forWineSpirits: The Riedel Amadeo Lyra Wine Decanter – A Modern Classic
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LaurenRosenblum: @zachbussey I recommend Crush on Niagara Wine Tours:
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zionshohet33: Cooking Books: And give it my blessing,: The place of wine in the gastronomy of Alsace together with some happy… *
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GeriJeter: @davidfarinella I’m really angry about this, too. Time to make taquitos and drink some wine (otherwise known as Italian psychotherapy).
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bek0241: @lindsaylock1 I have to close:( let’s cuddle and watch a movie when I get home though. or pound another bottle of wine?
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liveloveleeanne: Peace out Brusters. Wine time!
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MacAppStoreInfo: ????Expert Wine Cellar?¥1,650?A Software for the daily upkeep of your wine cellar and for learning…
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CookingwMickey: Epcot International Food & Wine Festival demonstrations and seminars #Disney #F&WF
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Tiina26: @Beautiful757 I’m still up like its 7 versus 11. I’m gonna drink some wine LOL
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Jasi_Poo: @LooNEYBiN22 In my drunkinness tried to wine n dine but she wasn’t w. It but we made out heavy so… I’m in there
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Yaya_world: RT @Valencia_OSo_Me: RT @EverybodyHutch I need a man thats gone wine and dine me…… Buy me remi and open my doors…. Otherwise go away
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cgycpt: @Hungry_Joe_YYC The Life pt. 2. Not pictured: Beer, wine and thousands of short shorts. Also Rider fans. #GoodWithTheBad
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R_Greco: Good weed white wine, I come alive in the night time
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A_BeautifulSoul: Yummy! RT @B_MakeitHappen: My Sis trying to give me wine! No I’ve been doing good this weekend! Lol so tempted
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_iGotEMCHOOSN: I hate when people think they drunk off weak shit like wine coolers Lmao ha
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HOTNGROOVYGALS: @Big People Fete!!! Ah jus bonx up a fine man in uniform. I think ah gonna theif ah wine tonight!
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Must_SeeTV: Should I fix me a glass of wine???
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mambadger: I could happily survive on gourmet cheeses, wine, bread and coffee. And butter.
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samantha_maye: I don’t want to work tomorrow. soooo I’m just going to stay up and continue drinking wine until I forget that I have to.
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