Twitter Tweets about wine as of April 25, 2011

kitchenlately: Why I Hate Ordering Wine by the Glass: The problem of pouring one at a time, and how to fix it By LETTIE TEAGUE Ev…
2010-09-18 03:13:46 · Reply · View
kitchenlately: Gas station style wine pumps coming to US supermarkets: In a move likely to get up the noses of the nation’s wine …
2010-09-18 03:13:45 · Reply · View
fortheloveofliz: @winebride wine from their wedding!
2010-09-18 03:13:45 · Reply · View
804VRGO: Drunk huh RT"@lovelyone80: I jut wsted a cpu of wine onthe floor. Why jeebus?"
2010-09-18 03:13:45 · Reply · View
lomargie: @mecha_genki It it a group on twitter – mostlymoms- having some wine and talking!!
2010-09-18 03:13:44 · Reply · View
Paxochka: Seriously this headache is bitching. I can barely function. And it has NOTHING to do with wine from last night and the jackhammer is real.
2010-09-18 03:13:39 · Reply · View
tayls_81: Wine Show — at Exhibition Park In Canberra
2010-09-18 03:13:36 · Reply · View
TheBeesKnees_1: Look how the champagne diamonds flow, fine dining, pour another glass when the wine is low ;)
#freestylefriday mothafucka!
2010-09-18 03:13:32 · Reply · View
quesoyvino: Actually loving the rain 2nite Red wine weather Trying a modern Span red I’m not in luv w RT @ksdamato: Perfect 4 ths rainy Seattle evening.
2010-09-18 03:13:30 · Reply · View
MZLILPHAT: @mscarlaifunasty yeah man. OMGeee I am still laughing at that shit. My BFF is a jailbird. So I get those and the damn homemade wine stories.
2010-09-18 03:13:27 · Reply · View
liz_ess: Aaaaand 4 skinny girl margaritas and 3 glasses of wine later, I’m ready for bed.
2010-09-18 03:13:27 · Reply · View
DaddyIncidents: Got my glass of wine, I’m happy
2010-09-18 03:13:26 · Reply · View
SierraK61: Wine and a good movie. :)
2010-09-18 03:13:20 · Reply · View
Babe_Chilla: Making late dinner and guzzling wine while hubs puts Everly to bed in her crib for the first time. Hold me. #wineparty #hcwp
2010-09-18 03:13:18 · Reply · View
LLS507: Girl talk,nails and toe painting and maybe some wine yessssssssss
2010-09-18 03:13:18 · Reply · View
kickassjenn: @BriCrazyMind me what? Hehe just happily drinking my wine here
2010-09-18 03:13:17 · Reply · View
myvinespot: @PCWinery @nectarwine @winelifeSI @Gadino_Cellars @swirlsipsnark Thanks for the #FF & RT, peeps! Wishing you a Wine-der-ful weekend ~ Cheers
2010-09-18 03:13:12 · Reply · View
PupZeus: Is enjoying some cheesecake and wine with friends! :)
2010-09-18 03:13:11 · Reply · View
joshdmorg: Check out @GaryVee taking a look at MommyJuice Wine from our friends @Winer-CMD and @ClosLaChance – He likes it!
2010-09-18 03:13:10 · Reply · View
enjoui: The wine bar on one side is jamming to some EDM while the restaurant on the other is playing an acoustic set. Confused.
2010-09-18 03:13:09 · Reply · View

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