Twitter Tweets about wine as of April 22, 2011

superHELLAsav: Where is my bf with my Cabernet saviougn (can’t spell that shit) I need some wine to read my homework!
2010-09-19 03:16:31 · Reply · View
samuelsylvan: #DownHomeCookingPeople RT @kigkc: Lady next to me just ordered a glass of wine with ice. No!
2010-09-19 03:16:30 · Reply · View
brianti: Co-worker: I wonder if it would be OK to bring wine for everyone; Me: But what would everyone do when they got home?
2010-09-19 03:16:29 · Reply · View
YayMe07: Drinkn red wine and watchn the rain
2010-09-19 03:16:29 · Reply · View
AfterIDoBlog: @dancingthruDC Oh yes, 2 bottles of wine just for me. Thank goodness I took the next day off too.
2010-09-19 03:16:26 · Reply · View
HeavieMontana: @softNsexii nigga you be sippn on wine & shit member! Lmfao
2010-09-19 03:16:26 · Reply · View
taysuh: Correction: roasted butternut and corn CHOWDER. BIG difference. Huge. Also, this red wine is delicious.
2010-09-19 03:16:25 · Reply · View
therupprath: Hanging out with our Dallas peeps. (@ 5th & Wine)
2010-09-19 03:16:20 · Reply · View
SincerelyNine: @Fredrick73 allergy meds and red wine…. Can I do that or will I die?!
2010-09-19 03:16:15 · Reply · View
DjYomiYom: I aint drunk in 2 weeks shit killin me mane Nigga mad at me cuz I took his main Hit da club no ID skippin da line Gone on off purple wine
2010-09-19 03:16:11 · Reply · View
britnidove: MCR, wine, cigarettes… If my husband would come home this would be a perfect night.
2010-09-19 03:16:09 · Reply · View
icedcarlo: @oceanbreeze23 ditto!!!perfect with the wine.
2010-09-19 03:16:09 · Reply · View
Jared9inches: RT @chavis06: My liver is NOT cooperationg right now! Smgdh! I’m trying yall….I really am!<~~what you had?? Wine cooler?? Smirnoff ice??
2010-09-19 03:16:08 · Reply · View
yelverton: RT @Vinetown: A New Solar Initiative Heats Up California’s Wine Industry
2010-09-19 03:16:03 · Reply · View
jfristik: @ Valley Vineyards for BOT 244 "Wine Tasting"
2010-09-19 03:16:01 · Reply · View
apolloniaaa: @Kairachandesu YOU NEED TO WORK IT. I want wine red and dark purple hairrrr.
2010-09-19 03:16:01 · Reply · View
bitchylibrarian: Wine wine wine you make me drunk. Wine wine wine this shit does’t rhyme
2010-09-19 03:15:58 · Reply · View
HHonwine: @erin_ireland I know what you mean, but "h-i-t-w’ means tiny; Blood Alley is "grungy". Let me know if there’s a "delicious dive" w good wine
2010-09-19 03:15:55 · Reply · View
cynimarie: May I have a glass of wine please ?
2010-09-19 03:15:55 · Reply · View
U2girly: Chillin @ home with a yummy glass of wine & watching #UofA game. Wish my baba @mattnasal was here… GO CATS!!!!
2010-09-19 03:15:53 · Reply · View

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