Twitter Tweets about wine as of April 17, 2011

ElevateCEO: Bout to get on this wine #GrownManShyt
2010-09-20 03:12:44 · Reply · View
Camieelee: @wiotch great a good wine down to a stressful day wish I had one though *sigh*
2010-09-20 03:12:40 · Reply · View
Ms_April_U: Making some changes. Can’t put new wine in old wineskins. Echa nadie vino nuevo en odres viejos.
2010-09-20 03:12:34 · Reply · View
ReptarAZ: Mmh drinking some wine.. I need tah charge myyh phone tori if i dont pick my phone up ill call you right back
2010-09-20 03:12:33 · Reply · View
Laura_Willard: Trading in my "allowed" apple (on my diet) for a 4 oz glass of wine. Fruit for a fruit, right? I see no problem with this. Whatsoever.
2010-09-20 03:12:32 · Reply · View
italodedea: RT @vovo_panico: Quem acha que o Quadro da Amy wine House deveria voltar pro @Programapanico , Dá #RT
2010-09-20 03:12:31 · Reply · View
Ms_L_Marie: @106th Are you drinking it out of a wine glass?
2010-09-20 03:12:30 · Reply · View
cezwan: The world needs ‘wine in a can’.
2010-09-20 03:12:27 · Reply · View
teamSGR: @RogerF911 yesterday we tried ice wine in dark chocolate shooter glasses at the NOTL pondview winery. Deeeeelish!
2010-09-20 03:12:26 · Reply · View
UCBeau: @passaggio Any winnings for me this year are going to fund my wine habit. That’s a fact.
2010-09-20 03:12:24 · Reply · View
prttybrwnskn: RT @ThePrototype1: Kardashians on DVR, wine on ice…im about to get right<~please tell me u did not pour ur wine over ice!
2010-09-20 03:12:20 · Reply · View
IM_BusinessNews: Lafite’s Godzilla Tops Wine Auctions as Hong Kong Sales Boom: Elin McCoy – Bloomberg
2010-09-20 03:12:19 · Reply · View
2010-09-20 03:12:17 · Reply · View
BalkansBohemia: Google Earth reveals that building where I’ll stay in Prague has vinný sklípek (wine cellar) in its basement #uhoh #whyilovePraha
2010-09-20 03:12:17 · Reply · View
debbyg0000: @k8_walsh Do you enjoy lasers like you enjoy wine or ice cream…lol?
2010-09-20 03:12:12 · Reply · View
superpinkdiva: @jmainemccord u and that dang plum wine! U keep plum wine in business lol u cheatin on me again!!
2010-09-20 03:12:02 · Reply · View
SWEETASPAI: I drink kool-aid in a wine glass #BecauseImAGangsta
2010-09-20 03:12:00 · Reply · View
Abril_xoxo: — finally getting to watch forgetting sarah marshall w/ some goood wine. :]
2010-09-20 03:11:58 · Reply · View
shortnsnappy: @janetbarnett i’ve often wondered what kind of wine goes well with my cold medication.
2010-09-20 03:11:58 · Reply · View
spadez_3x: @JUST_NATTY_SOE spadez lxc wow u 8etter reme8er lml and aye u a 8ust a wine
2010-09-20 03:11:54 · Reply · View

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