Twitter Tweets about wine as of April 7, 2011

marksteuer1: Oysters, check. Wedge, check. Ribeye, check. Amazing wine courtesy of mr. Justin Leon, check. Coronary… Stay tuned.
2010-09-23 03:12:41 · Reply · View
JCavness: @saracardenas goodnight wine princess. hehe
2010-09-23 03:12:41 · Reply · View
Char_LuLu: RT @1Wittyusername: $100 bottle of wine for half the price!? Nice. ?
2010-09-23 03:12:36 · Reply · View
Lost_and_Found_: Great initiative from Wine Australia. Here is the link to the page for Chalice Bridge Estate.
2010-09-23 03:12:34 · Reply · View
GlennCraven: @OhioSteelerGirl Or maybe you should have *more* wine. That’s the other possibility.
2010-09-23 03:12:33 · Reply · View
ElleGirlxoxo: Bored.. guess ill hav a glass of wine… lmao @ my son staring at the lil piggy goin wee wee wee all the way home! Lol he was so amazed
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natnatty: Omg @JustinBThicke jus gave me THE BEST IDEA EVER! Glee wine party at my house next Tuesday! Details TBA…
2010-09-23 03:12:30 · Reply · View
madelynmarie: sitting out on my balcony watching the moon with a glass of wine and dinner… relaxing.
2010-09-23 03:12:29 · Reply · View
Eat_A_DickNigga: @Eastside2020 pssht not at all, i can drink with the best of em but something about wine just like ends me.
2010-09-23 03:12:28 · Reply · View
LectorMetalico: An album to enjoy in a good chair with low lights and good wine "High Violet" by The National
2010-09-23 03:12:27 · Reply · View
lje2me: Yes, right choice was to open the apricot wine (from MI winery tasting this summer). It is a nice smooth finish to the evening.
2010-09-23 03:12:23 · Reply · View
getyourwinenews: Topix Wine News: Connoisseurs Left High and Dry by Closing of Hyde Park Wine Bar Full
2010-09-23 03:12:18 · Reply · View
TopWineNews: Connoisseurs Left High and Dry by Closing of Hyde Park Wine Bar: They paid for wine but are unable to get it. Loca…
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mrskiddkese: RT @KiddKese: Kids finally knocked out relaxin wit da wife @mrskiddkese sippin wine after a hell ova meal …
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WRSUJared: Finished that wine. Best $9 I spent this week
2010-09-23 03:12:06 · Reply · View
Marymacstudios: @TruckerDesiree sake? I can’t do that. Normally my pref wld b wine. But i am switching it all up tonight. How r u feeling?
2010-09-23 03:12:05 · Reply · View
EssieIzSpicy: Treating myself this weekend… It’s about time… Food, Wine, Hair, Spa and All… all i need to cap that is some very "dark" chocolate
2010-09-23 03:12:04 · Reply · View
jessmickiewicz: Mmmmm wine :)
2010-09-23 03:11:59 · Reply · View
uncbluci: current dilemma: chocolate cheerios or wine? or both?
2010-09-23 03:11:59 · Reply · View
JCToronto09: After a bottle of wine and cold medicine I am finally off to bed. Goodnight all.
2010-09-23 03:11:53 · Reply · View

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