Twitter Tweets about wine as of April 6, 2011

J_Lav: Why is senior year so stressful? Ahhh!! I need a nice glass of wine
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PyreneesWines: RT @Australiaplus: RT @Clonakilla: @MountAvoca The guests tasted 05Dalwhinnie Shiraz in the cool-climate love in on Tues.Lovely wine. #LAT10
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MidjetJames: Fuck. Two litres of wine. Case of beer. Screwed?
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worthkitchen: @aeggII here’s your hint: Check out the wine recommendations from @franklywines and see if you can guess the food
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SweetSweetVal: RT @lynncartershani: Wedding talk with Green Lily Weddings over wine and cheese now headed to my hunnie. All smiles.<Go Shani Poo! (On both)
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Amasea: @culinarypirate er, took. Too much wine tonight. I’m glad Seth comes around only once a week.
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swirlgirldry: @foodwanderings I spoke too soon on the citrons – but at least had lulavs and great food, wine & friends!
2010-09-23 03:14:21 · Reply · View
shawtyyperfect: myy #twitterless bruh Jaytee is here!!..;) but think dis wine bout ta make me past out on him… lol
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Celiphone89: u guise, if kyu and i get together, we’d be the soju couple. he’d bring wine and soju, i’d bring my tequila and vodka
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trueterri: @LOPchelle when that happens I have some wine then go to bed before the late night feeding frenzy starts.
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NagoyaAkira: Hello everybody. I’m at cafe with a glass of red wine.
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MichelleinCal: The grocery store guy gave me $5 off my wine purchase tonight because I’ve bought so much lately. My mom would be ashamed of my excitement.
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NoahPwN: Red wine
2010-09-23 03:14:06 · Reply · View
aussie_wine: TLC Chardonnay – 6 Pack – $49.99: TLC BBQ WTF LOLThanks for having us, neighbor! The food looks great. Wow, I… #wine
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PornCelebs: RT @madelynmarie: sitting out on my balcony watching the moon with a glass of wine and dinner… relaxing.
2010-09-23 03:14:03 · Reply · View
ThailandCenters: Just added: Silent auction! Items are fine #wine, wine adventures, night out on the town, and more! See u Oct 2!
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emotaurus: hand’s @SweetezztSin a glass of wine. ^_^
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joezombie12: So ready to jet, I wanna be home, I’m kinda tired. I’ve had enough wine + cigz.
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1st_Lady2be: I just took a steaming hot bath at @DelightfulDeon crib & all my muscles are soooooo relaxed…. #imlovinit all I need is some wine!!! Lol
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