Twitter Tweets about wine as of February 22, 2011

MsSheenieLuv: Wine and stop!! ha*
2010-10-04 03:13:26 · Reply · View
SooGlam: Yes lawd!!! RT @HiGHLYFavored1_: This blueberry wine we purchased yesterday is delightful…
2010-10-04 03:13:23 · Reply · View
jaifae: *Is thinking that must be some good Italian Wine and next time someone better share*
2010-10-04 03:13:21 · Reply · View
NoliesPlace: @mrsloulou hmmm I don’t like wine and I got a roomie. Don’t think we can sleep comfy in a double bed #blissdomcanada
2010-10-04 03:13:11 · Reply · View
covergirl53: In need of a glass of wine!
2010-10-04 03:13:10 · Reply · View
canandaiguanys: Great Day at Hunt Country Vineyards. Wagon rides, food, winery tour, music, grapes and wine tasting. It doesn’t better than that.
2010-10-04 03:13:09 · Reply · View
ShaneBolda: well….. busted out of 3… not sure if the wine had anything to do with it… probably…. i shoved bad with KQs but i WAS under 10bb
2010-10-04 03:13:03 · Reply · View
2010-10-04 03:12:52 · Reply · View
_twiinkerbell: Dinner football and wine with @Hello89Kitty my stupid ex bf and my home boy J.
2010-10-04 03:12:51 · Reply · View
exodusrex: @CoreyAskWhy i’m backing away from the wine bottle. (for now.)
2010-10-04 03:12:48 · Reply · View
TheInfoSoup: Would you turn water into wine or alaze? "Alaze" haahaah Tosh.o lol
2010-10-04 03:12:47 · Reply · View
getyourwinenews: Topix Wine News: Auction sobers view on wine price Full
2010-10-04 03:12:42 · Reply · View
NomadWanderer: Target to drop 2 dress sizes this October ! #road2sexy discipline eating n working out! ( n having only only good wine )
2010-10-04 03:12:42 · Reply · View
freckledLeanne: A weekend full of contradictions. School vs baking. Football vs The Notebook. Wine vs pumpkin beer. A glorious, gorgeous fall weekend.
2010-10-04 03:12:33 · Reply · View
gorlok: Civ5 funciona de 10 en Linux sobre wine. Chau reboot. Chau windola :) Guarda que estoy masacrando al mundo con mis samurais! :D
2010-10-04 03:12:32 · Reply · View
WilderWilder10: RT @factsaboutboys: A man told his wife that a husband is like fine wine; he gets better with age. The next day, she locked him in the cellar. #factsaboutboys
2010-10-04 03:12:31 · Reply · View
iNAMAKEUPfUNk: enough class for wine still handle patron..
2010-10-04 03:12:29 · Reply · View
RobsessedMuch: Wtf!! I’m being attacked by a moth now!! Probably same one looking for my wine!!
2010-10-04 03:12:26 · Reply · View
buhbeesgirl: @CupcakeDonna you. me. a bottle of wine (or 5). this week.
2010-10-04 03:12:26 · Reply · View
Nathalie_Andree: Sooo I need to study but my wine is calling my name decisions…decisions… (As I walk to the fridge) draw your own conclusions lol
2010-10-04 03:12:17 · Reply · View

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