Twitter Tweets about wine as of February 19, 2011

amykristinestl: Beer, wine, McDonalds, sex while wearing socks fetishes, cameras, Shakespearean plays, etc, etc. The things I do for friends. ;-)
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unsuicide: RT @cjrock: if you’re struggling, #itgetsbetter! no matter if you’re #lgbt / #queer / not, young or aged like a fine wine. see @unsuicide for resources.
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_SourPatchKid_: @omg_GetOverIt Yes ma’am! Soon enough you’ll be able to drink all the wine u want…no more hard stuff Mommy!
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butterflyrefuge: Ha! I got picked for the Food Network WIne & Food Festival this week as a volunteer!!! I’m jumping up!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!
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Brooke_Milani: ugh I am not the clubbin type anymore so I am just chill and drink a glass of wine and txt my bae even tho it’s that time of the month 4 him
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gregobrien: Searching for a rainmaker for glass bottle sales into the Northern California wine industry.
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biteMySwaggg: Wino ass RT @BRiTTBRAT_BiTCH mmm i think i want some wine
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atkinsjennifer: 4square is over capacity. Bah. Am at Va de Vie in Walnut Creek, CA with @alidwilliams Delish! Tapas and sparkling wine flight!
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blind_sherpa: a year past, drinking a box of wine…cant wait to watch the reds and rays go for it. sorry phils. still like a dethroning
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coolzebras: @gamerbabe360 I still haven’t tried rhubarb wine. Let me know how it is!
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WineCOW: From Sean O’Keefe Interview with Making Wine/Growing Grape: Posted Via Atom Feed from the Blog ‘Michi…
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BellaEsKay: I love her for it!» RT @ShayIam: Nene is messy wine and dine so you can get the gossip! Lol
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RocknRoll_Rach: half a bottle of wine + monday night football + a rainy bike ride home = a wet ass + a damn good time
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DrKoob: I voted for Purple Café and Wine Bar on the Best of Western Washington. Help make them # 1:
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swanstonhotel: Fed Square’s monthly wine showcase is on Wed & Thurs nights – this month is Macedon, Ballarat & Western Victoria.
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BottlePoppin_K: When I get home drink me some wine my rommate brought back from the wedding #goodnight
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TheWineLadies: Rumour has it that Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and Bob Marley will be performing at The Wine Ladies Holiday Special in…
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sugab313: RT @IntriguingFacts: #IntriguingFacts Wine will spoil if exposed to light; hence tinted bottles.
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wantsomewine: Grape Growing And Wine Making – The Total Wine Making System.:
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iDGAFMentality: got my wine, my man, and gettin ready to watch the new season of the real housewives of Atlanta :) *sighs* thee life. :)
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