Twitter Tweets about wine as of February 16, 2011

gramichicago: Tuesdays are always fun at Grami. 1/2 off bottles of wine make everything better
2010-10-06 03:11:37 · Reply · View
nicholvineyard: A great crowd of wine lovers at Oak Bay Marina today! #fb
2010-10-06 03:11:34 · Reply · View
getyourwinenews: Topix Wine News: Wine Shop makes successful move Full
2010-10-06 03:11:30 · Reply · View
cyberslate: Wine and chocolate. The *other* food groups! RT @JoyKnows You’re the best mom ever, @cyberslate At least while my real mom’s not listening!
2010-10-06 03:11:27 · Reply · View
Widianto_Didiet: ahli pencicip wine, bisa merasakan wine yang baik hanya dari baunya tanpa meminumnya…
2010-10-06 03:11:27 · Reply · View
NovembergrlFoto: We’re preparing for the Food Network New York City Wine and Food Festival later this week! Follow me on Twitter…
2010-10-06 03:11:27 · Reply · View
_horchata: @_erica I totally have a bottle of that wine I told you about at lunch! #knewitwouldcomeinhandy
2010-10-06 03:11:26 · Reply · View
thefunruiner: clearly my children like to screw with me – put them to bed an hour & a half ago & they’re still up. Go to bed. Mommy needs wine.
2010-10-06 03:11:21 · Reply · View
mommyneedsvaca: @BooYahDad LOL! I got the wine. His sorry ass is on the computer too! Sorry I missed #beerbash last nite! Wasn’t online! I know…the horror
2010-10-06 03:11:16 · Reply · View
ElectTaylor: Thanks to our hosts tonight for the very well attended wine & cheese!!
2010-10-06 03:11:13 · Reply · View
WWWYK: [?????????6????????][ss]????????????????6???????… |
2010-10-06 03:11:09 · Reply · View
barefootfoodie: @pgoodness Just gathering for wine and sweatpants for a few days, do a touch of business. Are you free for lunch. Late lunch.
2010-10-06 03:11:03 · Reply · View
popmusiccritic: Just had the ground ribeye w/ port wine sauce and blue cheese at Angelo’s in Burien. Mama mia! That’s good eatin’!
2010-10-06 03:11:03 · Reply · View
WineReviewsNews: [Wine News] International wine expert Jancis Robinson joins the fight to save …
2010-10-06 03:11:03 · Reply · View
thedrinkinggeek: Anyone want to share this wine with me, if not I’ll be hungover tomorrow
2010-10-06 03:10:58 · Reply · View
TheTomitaF: I’m turnin it in early 2nite…after this glass of wine of course
2010-10-06 03:10:57 · Reply · View
LilMissVony: Mmmmm….now I want some wine :)
2010-10-06 03:10:56 · Reply · View
juicyjjewelz: Just when I think I’m going to bed…the bffs call and say they are comin over n bringing wine. #Yeabuddy
2010-10-06 03:10:52 · Reply · View
lou_wine_bar: @TriceraPops Yes! & you will be forced to drink 09 Juliénas, a wine that lacks flavor
2010-10-06 03:10:51 · Reply · View

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