Twitter Tweets about wine as of February 9, 2011

ADeShawnS: So my free diner ended up being $17.77 {which consist of mostly wine} LOL #alky
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misovivi: Big work event I’ve been planning for months is in 10 short hours. Until then, its red wine, salmon cakes, acorn squash and harvest slaw.
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temecula_news: WINE COUNTRY: Cemetery decision delayed: The Temecula Public Cemetery District’s plans for a new cemetery in Wine…
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diandrardnaid: @loveled13 I need your mulled wine recipe!! It’s getting crisp outside and it seems appropriate :)
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DomaineLA: @KrisDub @ChefDRM you two go on a date and I will donate a bottle of wine.
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marineisberie: RT @garyvee: Wanna see me freak for a wine? watch the last few minutes of WLTV ->
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winecountrybc: New podcast this week! Wine books – Amber reads from "Grapes & Wine" by @ozclarke and I read from Terry Theise
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IAmSeamus: RT @T_R0Y: Food & Wine’s list of the TOP 40 FOOD & DRINK thinkers in America.
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ataritastic: I have me some white wine, I just ate a cupcake, things are doing a bit better.
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WineBelindaNZ: Love my wine so much it’s true, Riesling, Chard and Chenin too. Then onto reds a drop of Cab followed by Syrah, simply fab!
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Scriptphilz: A & R’s are @ da WINE come meet & greet
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taratinsley: They gave me a shout out for the Riverbank Cheese and Wine Expo this Sunday! Yay! Playing 10am to noon
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ROCBoyDev: RT @TittiesMakeMilk Wine up like yuh horny mi seh<- #BAP #BAP #BAP
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charkat: RT @tconn: #tbs broadcasters are like washing down Ambien with red wine #zzzzzzzzz
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AuntBTtheblog: @mylittlebecky how bout we talk about any one of the following: sex, wine, sleep, vodka, tv, popcorn.
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MediterraneanTV: RT @debradaviswine -Napa Valley Wineries headed to Houston! | another wine blog: Napa Valley Wineries headed to Houston! POSTED Oct, 2…
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MediterraneanTV: RT @debradaviswine -Wine — The View From Orlando: Brooklyn Winery Visit: Based on information contained in a New York Times (NYT) Din…
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MediterraneanTV: RT @iwinenow -Wine Bottle Hang Tags – 100 per pack – Good Things Wedding Favors …: A clever way to personalize wine bott… http://t...
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MediterraneanTV: RT @iwinenow -Buy Wedding Canvas Wine Tote – Wedding Canvas Wine Tote Online …: Wedding Canvas Wine Tote – Buy wedding C… http://t...
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MediterraneanTV: RT @deliveryfood -Preserving the Quality of Your Wine: When it comes to alcoholic beverages, one of the most preferred choices among…..
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