Twitter Tweets about wine as of February 5, 2011

elyse_natalie: tonight calls for at least half a bottle of wine.
2010-10-08 03:14:31 · Reply · View
jonathangrubb: Drinking a glass of wine at @foodspotting, watching @teddyg handle massive server load with style.
2010-10-08 03:14:28 · Reply · View
wakeapp: Just opened a bottle of a wine I do not know. It’s wild! It’s a Sangue di Guida…
2010-10-08 03:14:26 · Reply · View
niseag03: @lindseyaggie03 LOL!!!!! Have a glass of wine (if you have some) and a bubble bath when you get home! And no ESPN for you!
2010-10-08 03:14:17 · Reply · View
myvinespot: RT @uuallan: Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon <-Drinking marathon or do I have to run? #vawine :-)
2010-10-08 03:14:13 · Reply · View
CARMEL_FLAVOR3D: @Ufound_oodie sipping my wine watchin martin
2010-10-08 03:14:12 · Reply · View
ColeStanley: waitata, haka and now wine. Just another Friday arvo in the TNZ office.
2010-10-08 03:14:11 · Reply · View
edible_hat: It’ll be funny if I win any of the comps I entered at the food & wine show – I only went because I won tickets.
2010-10-08 03:14:08 · Reply · View
Aprild4: @Lindas_crush is that a "lite" beer?
I’m drinking "lite" wine
2010-10-08 03:14:06 · Reply · View
so_fabulASH: This wine gettin me nice and right to write this email. Ohhh yeahh.
2010-10-08 03:14:06 · Reply · View
ashtron: Wine o’clock!
2010-10-08 03:14:04 · Reply · View
CTB05: Play was great and the people were wonderful….time for some wine.
2010-10-08 03:13:59 · Reply · View
kissthecook12: So full from Paella and Wine and Bread for dinner. My guy loved all. Thanks Chef James for the idea I?Ya! Now to pack & get ready for Bed!!
2010-10-08 03:13:59 · Reply · View
STEFNAMI: @travismarmora aka you & me drinking wine alone lol idk,we’ll figure something out,I’m supposed to hangout with sophie, I fuhgot! But idk!
2010-10-08 03:13:59 · Reply · View
Hip2Hooray: Let’s see if this red wine will get rid of my headache. Ouch :(
2010-10-08 03:13:58 · Reply · View
joeartdotcom: @ozskier woah I’m just catching up. Congrats mang! Hope the beer flows like wine and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon…
2010-10-08 03:13:57 · Reply · View
audionigeria: @real9ice Women Weed and Wine on Your First Live Internet Radio **Gbedu toh bard
2010-10-08 03:13:57 · Reply · View
Shonofavoritism: Wine Wine oh how i love my WINE :)
2010-10-08 03:13:55 · Reply · View
CharlottePicks: RT @chuckoverman Ladies and Gents, great to see the #CLTweet group at Vintners Wine Shop. Hope to see … <–MAP
2010-10-08 03:13:50 · Reply · View
TheMissJenkins: @PreciousSoHot Yesssssss I can get plum wine wasted!!!
2010-10-08 03:13:48 · Reply · View

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