Twitter Tweets about wine as of February 4, 2011

O_zereph: Echándome un mega delicioso shiraz. Ah qué buena falta me hacía echarme un buen vin rouge! I <3 wine! :D:D:D:D:D:D #fb
2010-10-09 03:12:27 · Reply · View
tinanguyen: RT @LesleyDewar: #Twittertip Having a bad day? OK. Tweet a little. Having a really bad day? Stay off Twitter. Sleep, eat, maybe a wine. Start again tomorrow.
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iGoTdAGoOdiEs: And all she has is WINE SMFH #OHWELPS
2010-10-09 03:12:23 · Reply · View
fnbaby2: "you should always have a bottle of white wine open in the fridge it’s like a jug of milk" @KatiesBush mom’s said this lol
2010-10-09 03:12:23 · Reply · View
ravenna_macchia: Everyone is out looking for @FionnaThomas, as they should be. I think I will have some wine and a bath, since I am here alone.
2010-10-09 03:12:19 · Reply · View
Endriixx: Wine: Something for the weekend? –
2010-10-09 03:12:17 · Reply · View
ZenKitchen613: Launching a new Chef’s Tasting Menu tomorrow, focussed on the Autumn harvest. Optional wine pairing OR beer pairings, too!
2010-10-09 03:12:15 · Reply · View
KoreyWitaK: Anything less than SEXY…Go elsewhere!…People at Tables….Wine being Passed….this is Grown up Sh*t!! #SENIORITIS
2010-10-09 03:12:15 · Reply · View
marieleamorillo: pasta & wine… uhmmmm
2010-10-09 03:12:12 · Reply · View
korovieva: @TheyCallMeCrash @gigsmusicstore You two wierdos have just never had good wine. I used to hate whiskey.
2010-10-09 03:12:09 · Reply · View
AToWNoMAS: You tight lol :- / shithappens RT @esabella0: I went to walmart for wine and bought everything but the wine -_-
2010-10-09 03:12:08 · Reply · View
iLuvWine: How to Plan a Successful Wine Tasting Party in Five Easy Steps (EzineArticles)
2010-10-09 03:12:07 · Reply · View
calliemiller: Blind Napa cab tasting! (@ Learn About wine)
2010-10-09 03:12:05 · Reply · View
zanipooh: Fine food, wine & friendship. — at Chezsiva
2010-10-09 03:12:04 · Reply · View
NWEvents: apppareeentttllly drinking a little bit of wine makes flower arranging even EASIER.
2010-10-09 03:12:00 · Reply · View
jxgrx: RT @garyvee: if you have a few minutes please meet the sweetest lady in Wine and one of the classiest too! ARGENTINA!
2010-10-09 03:11:59 · Reply · View
RoxieKat: RT @newhopewinery: Tomorrow is also Nt’l Hoagie Day. You’ll find me making a Shorti at #Wawa. Tweet me before midnite if u want to wine taste for free on Sat.
2010-10-09 03:11:57 · Reply · View
CupCakinMeli: Wine or beer?…… wine!
2010-10-09 03:11:51 · Reply · View
SweetAquariusLO: durnnKKKKK off the wine….time to pull out the EmeRGENcyyyyy vodka!!!……only da best CIROC ;)
2010-10-09 03:11:51 · Reply · View
dhanescotti: Fuck this wine and cheese party and its overall concept, we have a black bag with vodka and no you can not have any. #str8vodkainawineglass
2010-10-09 03:11:50 · Reply · View

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