Twitter Tweets about wine as of November 28, 2010

luvskiing: Alpine skiing: Nicely maturing Bode sees future as a wine-maker SOELDEN: Olympic ski champion Bode Miller, who onc…
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olivesnwine: HASH(0x2ca01e0)2010-10-26T03:12:34ZTopix Wine News: New restaurant in downtown Marion serves Low County cooking F…
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olivesnwine: HASH(0x2818fd8)2010-10-26T03:12:40ZGood home cooked dinner + wine/shots = Me stuffed & tipsy…. #POW
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RodrigoCelorio: RT @elorty: RT @elsushi: Is the fucking Catalina wine mixer! #stepbrothers // whats your favorite dinosaur?// Boats and Hoes!
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NurseKokobunnie: Good home cooked dinner + wine/shots = Me stuffed & tipsy…. #POW
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TravelMamas: @dkferm Just. And not a minute too soon! Aahh…wine in one hand…mouse for Twitter in the other! ;-)
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transformmag: RT @SouthAussieWine: Wishing Tomich Wine all the best for the launch of their new cellar door on King William Road in Adelaide tonight!
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getyourwinenews: Topix Wine News: New restaurant in downtown Marion serves Low County cooking Full
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flyguy09: Me meRT @CUNTfatal Who wants to drink tonight, woooooooo lol I’m in a wine drinking mood oddly
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Jared_V: Cass, now this? lol RT @GoldieMcSlim: Demarco – Wine Pon di Ting #np I’m turnt up right now! Where’s the weekend
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andyfogarty: @andyfogarty @EngagedMarriage The funny thing is I’m a total beer snob, but I tend to like cheap wine more. Not sure what that says about me
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BReeMonroe: This girl @OohShxt_itsESH got a bbm pic of white Henny like she some type of drink-Henny-all-day-thug, she gets drunk off wine coolers -_-
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Joisnotatree: "Happy in the club with a bottle of red wine. Stars in our eyes cuz we’re having a good time. Yeah, so happy I could die, and it’s alright."
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illPharaoh: @VADIRTY. Just cool? I’m chill, got some wine and choppin it up w/some friends.
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BobbySouls: RT @DeejayRawb12: Good amino acids. #lecordonbleutalk «RT @BobbySouls: I think I’m gonna start drinking a glass of wine every day,
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Misses_gutta: Awe shit i forgot i brought my wine bottle wit me i juss want to get a lil tipsy
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DizzYouSCUM: #NEWSHiT CUMiNG 2U @MiDNiTE…Soulja Boy’s "Speakers Going Hammer" iS Now #DizZYz "ReachinG 4My Hammer"…iM Like Wine, iGet Better W/ Time!
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empressim: wine.on.a.bumpaaa…. ?
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DealsInGurnee: $9 for 2 Wine Tastings at Lynfred Winery in Wheeling. ((via @GetYourYGGI)
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modern_mama: Chick flick and a bit ‘o wine to get through a really LONG Monday and make it to bedtime.
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