Twitter Tweets about wine as of November 25, 2010

MichaelGortonJr: bit of a wine cellar note too, kinda like fermentation. Digging it. #VaWine
2010-10-26 03:16:31 · Reply · View
ROSAmariachi: Drinking wine given to me by @courtellah out of a LE’CHAIM glass given to me by @kareejo while Watching sept. Issue from @jdepoyster !!
2010-10-26 03:16:20 · Reply · View
Lmonheit: Having 14 Hands, Hot to Trot White Blend…..went very nice with my garlic lemon Tilapia! Yum #wine
2010-10-26 03:16:19 · Reply · View
AlyssaBrooks: Dinner and wine with my old coworker Brandi :) waiting on the bistro! My soup turned out fab!
2010-10-26 03:16:18 · Reply · View
tshayladenise: Hot Sex & Cold wine was my story lastnight
2010-10-26 03:16:17 · Reply · View
BlondeTXGoddess: RT @winewithfriends: Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance. ~ Benjamin Franklin
2010-10-26 03:16:12 · Reply · View
thecaitd: "Don’t drink that all at once…or do, and then tell me about it the next day." – @skyswartout, RE: My purchase of six bottles of wine.
2010-10-26 03:16:10 · Reply · View
VomFassWestlake: Come to "Vom Fass Wine Tasting With Joel Porter of Epic Wines" Friday, November 5 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Cost:…
2010-10-26 03:16:03 · Reply · View
jemamc: I think I’m too cranky for human contact…Grrr…this glass of wine is going to help, however :)
2010-10-26 03:16:01 · Reply · View
edenroadwines: RT @capitalwines: If you are in Sydney, then don’t miss the Canberra 5-STAR tasting with Judy Sarris from Gourmet Traveller WINE….
2010-10-26 03:15:58 · Reply · View
ItsKatherineMic: He took me 4rm a bar He took me in his car He took my top off He puts his lips on mine, but don’t worry, I’m a bottle of wine
2010-10-26 03:15:57 · Reply · View
SpOiLeD_Lish: "@lulu_peanut: @SpOiLeD_Lish no girl Jesus drank wine. . .we from catholic school lol we’re not alcoholics becuz of wine" Ctfu oh okay:)
2010-10-26 03:15:52 · Reply · View
Cynthia_Alarcon: Having sake, wine an beer with the owner! Haaayy!! @ztravelsinpumps
2010-10-26 03:15:50 · Reply · View
maggim: RT @LizzyDishes: One of my friends just invited me to join a wine co-op. I thought it sounded really cool. Then I realized he was talking about Farmville.
2010-10-26 03:15:43 · Reply · View
dancingantsy: Dave Matthews Band (Water/Wine Jam) 8/13/95.mp3 #dmb
2010-10-26 03:15:42 · Reply · View
222033857: took a night off from OT tonight, worked out and now having a glass of red wine. A fairly good night :0)
2010-10-26 03:15:36 · Reply · View
DGERBUM: Hangin out in my ol’ stompin’ grounds! Having some nice "rice wine" and great Korean food!
2010-10-26 03:15:31 · Reply · View
WineWeavin: Dona Sol Merlot MERLOT CALIFORNIA #wine #search #usa
2010-10-26 03:15:29 · Reply · View
hotdme: Won a bid on a wine & chocolate basket. Told the girls in charge there’s nothing better than alcohol. Joking. But, they quickly agreed.
2010-10-26 03:15:26 · Reply · View
Ham_Jones: RT @ColorMeBadKay Wine does the body good… #REALSHIT
2010-10-26 03:15:18 · Reply · View

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