Twitter Tweets about wine as of November 19, 2010

wineparadise: Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Red Wine. Compare prices on Red Wine. Find Red Wine deals…
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beepantaleao: RT @IcaroDias: Muito boa, sensacional kkkkkk RT @beepantaleao @IcaroDias Le Bronze é bronze mas meu @Cavs é puro ouro!!! #GoldN’Wine Gooooo @Cavs
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Culumacilinte: Oh, box wine. You are like drinking vaguely alcoholic juice.
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soignefromage: "@frenchiegurl Give me my chocolate or I’ll cut you! #Glee" Insert wine for chocolate and you may be on to something!
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DiahTommy: Kasi wine sebotol ! RT @SoalCINTA: Gimana cara mmberanikan seseorang, agar dy berani mngungkapkan perasaany ke org yg dicintai ……
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iamkelleeeee: Successfully drank a glass of red wine in my all-white bed without spilling. #adventurous
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adriana0nana: Last glass of wine *throws in towel*
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shadiqp: RT @AisSyariif: Lg kuliah diplomasi, kata prof-nya siap2 utk terbiasa dgn wine & dine, dubes2 asal arab terkenal peminum berat. *hicks-up*
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kcceal: RT @deansguide: Wine knowing @TLCD_Concierge @WineTom @sonomavintners @davidkeuhner @DannySkarka @EaglesNestWine @fudp01 #WW #Winewednesday #wine
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KandaceKyan: @Yur_Inspiration you know where i stay i got cupcakes and wine on deck
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dizzylinzee: My mother feeds me wine to leave me here on the couch horny and dizzy. Thanks mom.
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kruegeradam: @beckynord There’s not anything wrong with that, I’m sure. You want to have some real fun? Chase your vodka with wine!
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wenwoodwinechic: @AdornedByRobin our wine will be at the ARTstravaganza your jewelry will be at, hope you get to try it and that all the artists do well!
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laurieosman: Wine Wednesday is my new favorite day.
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karlschubach: @AndrewPGlover not soon enough, i’m afraid. we can wine skype it one night , yeah?
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LindseyNRedd: Wine or no wine tonight….hmm
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RoofBeamReader: One glass of white wine + apple butter toast + a good book = a great way to wind down the night. Just wish it were the weekend!
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stephenkruiser: @allisonnazarian It’s all of them if you drink wine. Trust me, I know a doctor.
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EmiHobbit: I have been trying to describe my mood tonight, and I just can’t seem to grasp the words long enough. Guess I need more wine.
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eBacchus: Leonardo DiCaprio – Loves White #Wine and Rieslings?
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