Twitter Tweets about wine as of October 30, 2010

winewithfriends: Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages. ~ Louis Pasteur
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farconmurakami: RT @mental_floss: Kit Kat flavors available in Japan include wine, sweet potato, wasabi, and soy sauce. #SweetFacts
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VinoVirgins: Sometimes a white wine can really only be described as sweet and sour beer
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brooklynatlien: I’m having too much fun in BK! And all we’re doing is drinking wine/Patron, talking shit, and kinda watching "Halloween."
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kasiabrwn: WINE BASKET IDEAS-HELP. congratulations and sorry gift.? | Wine …: I’m renovating a house, and busy like you are…
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Dallas0982: Good my girlfriend is bugging me 2 open her wine (she can’t work a corkscrew) lol and she wants me to put a movie. Sorry cobby!
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Chloe_Girls: Damn mommy knows her wine!
2010-10-31 03:15:15 · Reply · View
LuckyPenny1984: And I got two glasses of wine!!!! Yum!!!!
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SirJFWells: Wine Flow!!!!!!!
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hwoodpartygirl: Ed Hardy now has wine…for when you’re feeling extra classy.
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akerdman: Trying out Tweetdeck. Wine with wife right now.
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elegantwedding: This Golden Swirl Wine Stopper is elegant. Your #wedding guests will love them.
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charlezmeka: bir ato wine rek RT @LeeEunGui: Ada cola jg koq RT @charlezmeka: dugem koQ air putih nggilani yto???? RT @LeeEunGui:
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Luckee_leftee19: yeah i eat my mandarin oranges out of a wine glass so what?
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Its_Kaylah: RT @KillaQuotes: I’m like wine, you know? I just get sweeter! Alicia Keys
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andi_leigh: Enjoyed a drama-free day with my dad & michelle. shopping, lunch, and a movie, popcorn, and wine. I need more days like this!
2010-10-31 03:14:51 · Reply · View
xeyr: Oops. After exercising restraint all weekend, last winery for the trip was 7 bottles. Need to buy a wine rack now.
2010-10-31 03:14:49 · Reply · View
1NoShame: Wthn City of Angels with the girls, hope I don’t fall asleep. The wine has got every1 on the couch/chill mood(blankets & all)..Luv this film
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SweetFaceNik: Even tho I’m sick, I’m Sipn on some wine & have @Jeremih feat @Ludacris "I Like" on Repeat on my I-Peezy!!!! #Feelingsometypeofway :/
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118degrees: Thanks to all the folks who joined us for an incredible Wine Dinner- King Frosch wines are amazing (especailly the…
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