Twitter Tweets about wine as of October 28, 2010

WineForThought: Great chicken horrible oysters good wine and friends so it’s all good! (@ Twelve Restaurant w/ @cesarguinovart)
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iluvMarthasVY: RT @getyourwinenews: Topix Wine News: Francis Ford Coppola Winery Pool Opens Full
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Ms_IsabellaSwan: <to coax information out of me about Edward, but I manage to deflect her, even though I’ve had three glasses of wine.
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lods1211: "The 18-year-old had drank three litres of cask wine … " RT @deanog Stay classy #Ballarat ….
2010-10-29 03:15:39 · Reply · View
CdGautreaux: How to choose a #Zinfandel wine #red #wine #helium
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ddcookie: RT @gogoanita: Great New Article from #Wine Blogger & #Filmmaker @FrankLovesWine #MagicHour
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Ms_IsabellaSwan: Conjugal bliss is alive and flourishing in spite of the sweltering Florida heat. We share a bottle of white wine and Mom tries>
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temjeeptours: Allie Lindsey Photography ARE.YOU.READY.!!!!! HUGE giveaway , win a wine tour with Temecula Valley Jeep & Wine…
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beafreelancer: #php #job Vinous Website by FIVEDIGITAL: My client is a global wine distributor and needs an open CMS website (usi…
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vitaminDes: @vivalajuicy85 I kno. But when ur underage, even a wine cooler is the shit lol
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limpbizcut13: skip the wine and the candle light no kristal tonight if alright wit you we f**kin (thats cool) ~ biggie
2010-10-29 03:15:18 · Reply · View
tyasannisa: Kl skrg mah air anget aje syukur,lg rdang bgini RT @ratritra: @tyasannisa I need a glass of wine to need to lie! (cont)
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wtul_playlist: Just played: halloween – dream syndicate – the days of wine and roses(ruby)
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KayValerie: @GuNzLikeCheLLz I’m honestly thinking a simple dinner at a very nice rest. My first legal drink will be an expensive glass of wine. LOL
2010-10-29 03:15:10 · Reply · View
El_gato_loco: Still at fun-er-all afterparty. Out of red wine. Moved onto to bourbon. #rutro
2010-10-29 03:14:59 · Reply · View
lorrainedem: JUST ADDED! Cave Spring and The Vine will be providing wine for the Chef Kyle Deming Dinner for Friends of Toronto East General Hospital!
2010-10-29 03:14:58 · Reply · View
thingsjesussays: #thingsweusedtodoaskids turn water into wine.
2010-10-29 03:14:56 · Reply · View
HastingsCJ: @vwadhwa If MP doesn’t support cluster dev – why does he spend so much time on a ‘competitive inner city’ same wine, dif wineskin.
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Shaunanagins: I am SO classy with ice cubes in my wine.
2010-10-29 03:14:55 · Reply · View
SKYCITYAKL: Rose Wine Revolution Is Here New Zealand! via @Jayson_Bryant
2010-10-29 03:14:44 · Reply · View

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