Twitter Tweets about wine as of October 27, 2010

torent1221: @fumblingthrough wine just makes you want more weed.
2010-10-28 03:15:18 · Reply · View
Jabrowne13: Sitting in my room eating some beef ravioli and drinking some wine
2010-10-28 03:15:08 · Reply · View
MsBreda: Wine & a good book!!! This is the life!
2010-10-28 03:15:04 · Reply · View
GeetahFairwood: @suaven2g blanket for the picnic & wine glasses the rest is up to you!
2010-10-28 03:15:04 · Reply · View
winotripping: Grandkids, wine, and 80’s rock! Whitesnake wine, y’all! Check it out>> #wine
2010-10-28 03:15:03 · Reply · View
JustineKubo: cranberry wine = HEAVEN
2010-10-28 03:14:59 · Reply · View
saburwulf: @StripeyButt I’m drinking wine. :3
2010-10-28 03:14:54 · Reply · View
LiLDW: im judging RT @Bee_ARE: @LiLDW lol all news is depressing but I like this field lol Dnt judge… Been drinking sum wine! Lmao
2010-10-28 03:14:52 · Reply · View
AndharuPrima: Kasih konto*!! RT @DiahTommy: Kasi wine sebotol ! RT @SoalCINTA: Gimana cara mmberanikan seseorang, agar dy berani mngungkapkan perasaany
2010-10-28 03:14:51 · Reply · View
dangerrrdoll: RT @CherryxDollface Grilled cheese night at the oaks with the trev and @dangerrrdoll . Sweet berry wine!!
2010-10-28 03:14:50 · Reply · View
golfnut1965: Beef with Red Wine, Bacon, and Mushrooms | Gather via @AddThis #cooking #recipes #beef #bacon #mushrooms
2010-10-28 03:14:46 · Reply · View
itseverywhere: Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine: Pleasure, Value, and Adventure Beyond Wine’s Usual Suspects (Paperback) newly…
2010-10-28 03:14:38 · Reply · View
Chassit: Seriously, even if with a Master of Wine giving the course, how much can you learn in 2 days? The same 4800 gets more at WSET.
2010-10-28 03:14:37 · Reply · View
FakeWonderWoman: Hey, I don’t mess around. On the island we made our own wine & beer, but didn’t have variety of flavors. @MILFCatwoman @misfitTony >>
2010-10-28 03:14:27 · Reply · View
WineCOW: From Nodland Cellars. Give them a sassy slogan and you get the WINE: Nodland Cellars has a contest g…
2010-10-28 03:14:27 · Reply · View
natiherron: RT @winecompanion: Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW): The Families of this venture are (in alphabetical order): Brown Brother…
2010-10-28 03:14:26 · Reply · View
mohr_tyler: I think I need wine tonight. any takers?
2010-10-28 03:14:25 · Reply · View
Stylescrybe: @singlegirlguide the rum in wine? Iono bout you & @amillz lol. Although, I think I’ve had a drink that combined the 2 at some point.
2010-10-28 03:14:23 · Reply · View
I_am_NOLA: Pills and alcohol? Thats a good idea RT @ASHLEEKWAIN: Cant sleep so I took some pills maybe I should drink some wine and I will be out
2010-10-28 03:14:23 · Reply · View
lahkid: @Just_Kay10 It’s at @VegazTheOne pad and it crack lime the club all u need is a bottle of wine to enter
2010-10-28 03:14:22 · Reply · View

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