Twitter Tweets about wine as of September 27, 2010

romeo_thespian: Lol the real question is, is it true?? RT @_T_White: "glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away" <– lol who came up with this corny shit
2010-09-28 03:15:18 · Reply · View
thePOUNDcake: @yellabellie game day Saturday!!! I told you….oops too much Wine!
2010-09-28 03:15:17 · Reply · View
PrincessIlly_: RT @JayZLyrics: Let’s stay in the moment, smoke some weed, drink some wine.
2010-09-28 03:15:17 · Reply · View
caitlinjpratt: RT @kelly_doody: If it weren’t for frozen pizza, white wine and double-stuffed Oreos, I’d never eat dinner.
2010-09-28 03:15:17 · Reply · View
Dimples_PCC: Now you love me RT @Pretty_Envi_PCC: #wenifirstmet @Dimples_PCC I was like woyyyyy wat a wine…omg..lololol
2010-09-28 03:15:15 · Reply · View
iamamberJ: RT @JayZlyrics: Let’s stay in the moment, smoke some weed, drink some wine.
2010-09-28 03:15:14 · Reply · View
cart99: @FierceKitty I charge booze when I do work for friends. Couple bottles of wine, bottle of something. Just makes them think before they ask.
2010-09-28 03:15:13 · Reply · View
ViVA_FANCi: wine & slow jams…..slowly gettin ready for bed :)
2010-09-28 03:15:13 · Reply · View
ChristiBowman: @kkdinsdale hey, as long as u r drinking the wine, it’s all good. I’m enjoying a glass w/you in spirit…or something like that. ;)
2010-09-28 03:15:11 · Reply · View
BK_Gabbana_Boy: Smoking, having a glass of wine and getting ready to listen to @SEAN_THEPROBLEM blogtalk show.
2010-09-28 03:15:07 · Reply · View
christie_grace: @Ale_Mireles let’s plan our wine trip :)
2010-09-28 03:15:04 · Reply · View
marcus5000: "I got you some Tyler Perry wine… it’s rich, kinda fruity and not at all complex." @kanyewest @clevelandonfox
2010-09-28 03:15:02 · Reply · View
kc_oc: Fuck yeah looks like Janelle and Quana are going to Total Wine…looks like I am gonna have some fun tonight:)
2010-09-28 03:14:54 · Reply · View
shanrock057: @ItsColiee no I’m done! I’m a be a lady sippin my wine and doing my rich yt ppl laugh next time u see me @ the bar
2010-09-28 03:14:54 · Reply · View
rogelioOS: Just read that I missed the summit Food and Wine Fest … But I got some great ramen instead :-)
2010-09-28 03:14:50 · Reply · View
Uva_Be: RT @dianafayt: Dreamt I was roadside in Tennessee w/ a glass wine then jumped in my car and started driving. Got pulled over & questioned by hillbillies.
2010-09-28 03:14:49 · Reply · View
theIntriguing1: Menage a Trois red wine… How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…
2010-09-28 03:14:44 · Reply · View
anikapepper: 90 degrees in my apartment. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be on the front lawn with a bottle of wine. And by us, I mean me and the dogs.
2010-09-28 03:14:44 · Reply · View
coconutlime: Just watched Blood Into Wine unlike any other wine/food documentary I’ve seen.
2010-09-28 03:14:43 · Reply · View
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