Twitter Tweets about wine as of September 23, 2010

tequilaavion: RT @ElliottChisholm: Enjoying @TequilaAvion in #NYC at Crush Wine and Liquor. So good. I love Resposado. Dig it!
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carlosyescas: @inveritasmedia comments on Mouressipe Cuvee Cacous? #wine
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DrunkRoomie: "Congrats on being drunk? Thanks! It was easy. The trick is to put all of the wine in your mouth and then swallow over and over.
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kenspillz490: @Prettyiin_PiiNK gave me a cup of wine, a cup of cream-rum, & NOW shots of bacardii .. She’s so tryna take advantage of me ;-)
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pepo_enfectana: iPhone App Uses Image Recognition to Help You Master Wine Selection –
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mariahmaccarthy: So, what are New York #2amt peeps doing on Oct 16th? Who wants to drink wine, eat cupcakes, and watch the Ubergarden webcast?
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Mauii_Wowiie: Got some wine.. Feelin all BOOGgg-E
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lafilipina: lol and bottles! its my bday yipppperrrs RT @krisciAbabyyy: im copping a nice bottle of wine tomorrow….
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VickieMullins: Pasta’s Going Away Office Party « Pasta’s Kitchen: As we were sipping on wine and funky Japanese cocktails, my cow…
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RocStarBella: Would you choose water over wine? Hold the wheel and drive! Whatever tmrw brings, I’ll be there, with open arms and open eyes!
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mihkell: RT @Randilicious: uuuggghh! i stay over thinking stuff. I gotta relax the mind… << Me too. I need wine.
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TinyPearlCat: @Pumpkinpuddy Hmmmmeow!! I am trying to find thier site. I know they have smoked salmon wine #nipclub
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MARCIIELAGO: So I’ll just finish this wine :)
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Clonakilla: RT @Jeremy_Oliver: My Wine of the Year for 2010 is Clonakilla’s very sexy Shiraz Viognier 2009. You can buy it from the cellar door. Best yet from this maker!
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DAndraDeVille: RT @barefootwine: @Jessis62781 Our new red is called Sweet Red! It’s a sweet, light and refreshing red wine. It tastes great at room temp or chilled!
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adarkerempathy: @SilverTongueSam *scowls, tossing her hair back and fixing George with a look* I’ll have a glass of wine. *maybe it’ll take the edge off*
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SREMI: Rock ‘n Roll Wine Amplified Festival
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OSofP: iPhone App Uses Image Recognition to Help You Master Wine Selection –
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thepawnwineco: The Pawn Jeu De Fin Sauvignon Blanc 2008 « Wining Pom Fume blanc is making a comeback..
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