Twitter Tweets about wine as of September 21, 2010

RatTatTata: Benito’s Wine Reviews: Forefront Wines: The line of Forefront Wines are made by the Andrus family from a number of…
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RatTatTata: GrapeRadio – Wine Talk Show » Blog Archive » Wine, the Web, and …: Jancis Robinson has been writing about wine s…
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kitchenlately: CAV Wine Bar, Now a Private Event Space & Retail Wine Store …: Building off of the rumors circulating back in Au…
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kitchenlately: Picking a Wine for a 38-Course Meal – Eric Asimov, using the wine list off the El Bulli Web site, pic…
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kitchenlately: Best Wine Racks for the Home 2010 | Apartment Therapy New York: I’ve been compiling a list of the best new wine ra…
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Australiaplus: @discoverhills we love wine too: yesterdays wine picks for you: d’arrys original & Patricia nv sparkling #lat10
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Queenofbeautii: I’m sipPn wiNe known I gota test & a job meetn 2mrrow…#woe..(Laughs)
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wymoreaaron: beetlejuice, some rearranging in my room, and a glass of wine. solid relaxing night.
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k__aye: Drank too much wine w/ my dinner and now I can barely keep my eyes open -_- off to bed I go… Good night!
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supergirl2k: So, this is only my third tweet eva. A little too much wine ‘n happy time at the movies. Be gentle…still don’t really get this. ;)
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tmac1687: I came back to my room today and my laundry was done and folded. I also had steak and wine for dinner. #amireallyunemployed, huh… weird.
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SpookyIceQueen: a long hot bath, white wine, and Albert Camus. I couldn’t be happier unless I was at a 10 Years concert. :)
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withloveCHUCK: @tinababersz lol ill call you after school… Let’s have a bojol of wine at the river.
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vrothenbuhler: We had amazing salmon sandwiches for dinner :) Paired with white wine :)
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jondresner: Steve Johnson on collaboration, "slow hunch" ideas | But "Enlightenment caused by coffee instead of wine" really lame
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CristaltheGreat: I am on club time out for a while… currently handling some LIFE OF THE PARTY business over a glass of wine…
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MzHaveItAll: Should I have a glass of wine or make a quick Cadillac margarita??!?? #decisionsdecisions
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darlVONie: @wAii2KoOl hogue some wine one of my homegurls told me about..
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CopperLeafSt: @inkblotsart but at least it looks semi-positive… invest in a lot of chocolate for the job, and a bottle of wine for when you finish ;)
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winelifeSI: RT @7ofHeartsWine: Seen on a bumper-sticker: "Save the Earth, it’s the only place you can get wine and chocolate". Reason enough, no?
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