Twitter Tweets about wine as of September 19, 2010

YolaTheDon: It’s all about the Catalina Wine Mixer.
2010-09-20 03:15:25 · Reply · View
OhS0FancyyB: Lol. Court its good! But its wine court at least its not vodka RT @EliTeCoUrT: @OhS0FancyyB smh yu sound bad just drinkin anything Balireee
2010-09-20 03:15:13 · Reply · View
Manofthebook82: Evening mass really put me in a good mood…and gave me a hankerin for a glass of red wine.
2010-09-20 03:15:12 · Reply · View
wherewegather: @cajunsweetie you need wine.:-)
2010-09-20 03:15:09 · Reply · View
vjabante: white wine, fresh strawberries, smooth jazz music, with my hair down. *exhales*
2010-09-20 03:15:05 · Reply · View
andeswines: I found several #greek #wines in my cellar and will have to organize a #wine #tasting in #winecircle in santiago
2010-09-20 03:14:52 · Reply · View
andraculoid: My mission this week: acquire Frankenberry, Boo Berry, Zombie Zin Wine, and more Pumking beer. #halloweentreats4bigkids
2010-09-20 03:14:48 · Reply · View
getyourwinenews: Topix Wine News: Oregon wine-grape growers struggle to salvage a worrisome crop Full
2010-09-20 03:14:42 · Reply · View
Jams1128: @Justine78 Next time we do it over a glass of wine:)
2010-09-20 03:14:42 · Reply · View
JustBeano: @YOURGRAPEVYN Thankz Man Workin Hard!! But For Sure You Gon Catch Me At The Next Wine Tastin Event!
2010-09-20 03:14:39 · Reply · View
KC616: Lafite’s Godzilla Tops Wine Auctions as Hong Kong Sales Boom: Elin McCoy: The bottle is Lot # 742 in a Spectrum Wi…
2010-09-20 03:14:35 · Reply · View
viciousviking: In Small Houses, Champagne Finds Its Soul #wine #champagne
2010-09-20 03:14:26 · Reply · View
oldhat: @checkback It’s all done. I ended up finishing off what wine I had at home. But still, wonderful party.
2010-09-20 03:14:25 · Reply · View
danicatweet: @twoshoesx um… i drink my wine in a mug…. my "teachers have more class" mug that i bought for myself. TRUE STORY;P aahaha
2010-09-20 03:14:23 · Reply · View
misstgbaby: Yay! Wine…7 deadly zins is one of my favs!
2010-09-20 03:14:20 · Reply · View
Idc_SuckMyDick: Aidonia – wine
2010-09-20 03:14:14 · Reply · View
texacaliali: wow, thanks for all the DM’s from Austin, The Austin Wine Merchant is the best place for all varietals, East End Wines carry the Cab & Chard
2010-09-20 03:14:07 · Reply · View
HolliDeQ: Iron & Wine – Love and Some Verses
2010-09-20 03:14:06 · Reply · View
IAmLaZe: Sessions going great. Wanna end my night with some cold wine, food & movies.
2010-09-20 03:14:02 · Reply · View
prttybrwnskn: Under the advisement of my good friend @ClassikBeatz I had to much pinot grigio. Ya’ll know the drier the wine the harder the buzz right
2010-09-20 03:13:56 · Reply · View

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