Twitter Tweets about wine as of September 15, 2010

notthatgirl24: @LadyAnachronism I’m sorry….no one should ever be out of wine. I’d like to give you some of mine. I really do need to come meet you.
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USelaine: @Kcecelia I’ve seen #WW used for writers, wine, and even weddings.
2010-09-16 03:15:01 · Reply · View
DZA13: I like cognac and wine as wall as charas and weed.. it’s all good…
2010-09-16 03:14:57 · Reply · View
Pouregon: RT @pdxoregonwine: you heard it hear (first perhaps?): refillable wine kegs are the next alcohol trend
2010-09-16 03:14:57 · Reply · View
DerekIngber: Actually just left but had the dark organic beer and wasn’t bad for being organic. (@ Pure Food and Wine)
2010-09-16 03:14:54 · Reply · View
MRsPRETTyKANDi: Dinner… Wine.. Soother ; ) …. and off to KandiLand
2010-09-16 03:14:54 · Reply · View
wagslaura: Dinner was soooo good, but too late! I’m so full, luckily I ate my salad & veggies first! (Had no room for anything else) now, wine time!
2010-09-16 03:14:53 · Reply · View
WineHarlots: Mafia, we have a transgression. @WineForBlondes has picked (gasp!) Wine Lawyers over us. @BrainWines @UCBeau @Cuvee_Corner @LaJollaMom #SDWM
2010-09-16 03:14:50 · Reply · View
bathjunkie: Sip. Savor. Support. Let’s join together for the Art Auction & Wine tasting THIS SATURDAY at Bath Junkie and…
2010-09-16 03:14:39 · Reply · View
MatchRestaurant: RT @Maxinvegas: @vegaswinechick mark your calendar for thursday sept 30. wine and cheese pairing @grapevegas #vegas #wine
2010-09-16 03:14:39 · Reply · View
SeXyMi2: RT @StEph_luVaB: Wine and girl talk with @Sexymi2 :)
2010-09-16 03:14:33 · Reply · View
BenitaT: 3 different types of wine @ book club = tipsy reader!
2010-09-16 03:14:28 · Reply · View
chuck_adams: Wine is good almost any time but after a VERY long day in front of the PC it is especially tasty. Yum. #wine #ilovevino
2010-09-16 03:14:27 · Reply · View
Heidi_Georgina: I luv cooking.Sometimes it’s nice eating in the comfort of your own home.Good food,good wine, good playlist. I may just seduce myself~
2010-09-16 03:14:26 · Reply · View
MzUniqueCavalli: Sitting in the middle of the bed Indian Style with a bottle of wine watching movies
2010-09-16 03:14:22 · Reply · View
academiaj: @TakaIwamoto ????????????????????????????Crush it!?????????Wine library tv?????????????
2010-09-16 03:14:21 · Reply · View
sideofsneakers: My fave! RT @PaigeRAN: Trying a malbec at the wine tasting class!
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2010-09-16 03:14:12 · Reply · View
MONTANAinAZ: RT @foodieslikeus: PR Tweeps: Working a segment about Oct Breast Cancer awareness need restaurants/food products/wine donating 2 that charity. pls @ or dm
2010-09-16 03:14:09 · Reply · View
aanavee: Wednesday means red. Wine. Btw, @cvillafane just call me Shundi.
2010-09-16 03:14:02 · Reply · View

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