Twitter Tweets about wine as of September 7, 2010

LaBellamika: @tae86_luvhair bitch put the wine down I know my Tae and that’s not ur regular remedy, U Usually Walk Light So U Won’t Piss Da Ground Off
2010-09-08 03:16:24 · Reply · View
KevinMazzone: heading for a glass (or two of wine) with @aliceinvan at @brixvan … also a great dinner with @mitchellfawcett at Charm Thai Bistro in YT
2010-09-08 03:16:23 · Reply · View
mfarmistead: in bed with a glass of wine and catching up on mad men…could not be a happier lady
2010-09-08 03:16:23 · Reply · View
TayloreDxTatteD: RT @myfabolouslife: Let me find out, #SouljasCokeHabit got him Amy Wine’d out.. Got em hooked like he threw a fishing line out..
2010-09-08 03:16:13 · Reply · View
BrainsNBuns: I’m so hype. I need to stop fighting my sleep. This last sip of wine should do the trick.
2010-09-08 03:16:09 · Reply · View
bilberrysweet: Umph… not a good day… :( need a glass of wine and a cuddle bug…
2010-09-08 03:16:02 · Reply · View
2010-09-08 03:16:01 · Reply · View
BornToGoBonkers: RT @myfabolouslife: Let me find out, #SouljasCokeHabit got him Amy Wine’d out.. Got em hooked like he threw a fishing line out..
2010-09-08 03:15:56 · Reply · View
CzarneckiD: minibar – Wine pairings –
2010-09-08 03:15:54 · Reply · View
liverarte: Now playing Kinky – 15 Spin That Wine on
2010-09-08 03:15:52 · Reply · View
missychurch: "Your baby is soo cute" -ching.ching- Free glass of wine for mommy.
2010-09-08 03:15:42 · Reply · View
KerriAK: @takrbacker Didn’t you stop for wine earlier? #NotJudging just asking. ;-)
2010-09-08 03:15:39 · Reply · View
AbiGraceMusic: Drinking a glass of my favorite cheep wine and reading about marketing while my dinner cooks.
2010-09-08 03:15:39 · Reply · View
WineWeavin: Chassagne Montrachet Bruno Colin 2008 (750ml) Chardonnay Burgundy #wine #search #usa
2010-09-08 03:15:32 · Reply · View
LATESHIAB: @GigglezEnt girl sitn at my bar/counter eatn a meal & sipn moscato, about 2 be sleep in 2.5 lol wine is sleep medicine 2me
2010-09-08 03:15:30 · Reply · View
1PoliticalNUPE: Done with reading and research for the evening, about to unwind with a glass of wine and catch up on the day’s headlines…
2010-09-08 03:15:28 · Reply · View
iSOPHIE_KARINi: @0Ryo_Scourge0 *pokes ya head* what r u smiling at? Wine would be nice nt sake nor vodka. Maybe aftr diner!
2010-09-08 03:15:28 · Reply · View
dpalmer1098: 2007 Outpost ZinfandelUSA California Napa Valley Howell Mountain …: Tasted by Mallards on 792010 & rated 92 poin…
2010-09-08 03:15:22 · Reply · View
bccohan: Late yummy dinner, wine, Golden Girls and hanging out with @DinaFraioli. Life ain’t bad.
2010-09-08 03:15:22 · Reply · View
grapesandgrains: Wow. Sounds intense. RT @mutedogbrewing over the weekend I had a pear habanero wine that was quite awesome, I’m sure your saison is great
2010-09-08 03:15:21 · Reply · View

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