Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 23, 2010

aireenshah: My mom said that outside it smells like wine and something else
2010-06-24 03:15:19 · Reply · View
kriswaldherr: Sorry, but poaching chicken breasts in sherry wine? Bad move for a school cafeteria lunch. #top chef #whatwasshethinking
2010-06-24 03:15:18 · Reply · View
RosalieHaleFY: *Walks to the kitchen, grabbing a glass, walking to the counter grabbing the wine, opening it and pours some into the glass,putting it back*
2010-06-24 03:15:14 · Reply · View
AngelaC_: me too. btw i love your new track "wine it". my all time fav is "hot sexy punkie". RT@duttypaul I miss roberto carlos. Ronaldo. Ronaldino!!!
2010-06-24 03:15:13 · Reply · View
heatherr32: Goonies & wine
2010-06-24 03:14:59 · Reply · View
wewehuggs: #honestyhour:: i love to wine!!!
2010-06-24 03:14:54 · Reply · View
jonnythaprince: @ChazzyPo0h that’s wat I was thinking or white wine lol that’s wat she like I ain’t Neva had it
2010-06-24 03:14:55 · Reply · View
AyeEss: You folks single? RT @_FergiCee: RT @PeeJaeF: Hot sex && Cold wine<THAT
2010-06-24 03:14:42 · Reply · View
3GTVR4: RT @danieltosh: drinking game by myself during the world cup. I take a sip when the usa scores a goal. Soccer blows, im thirsty and my wine coolers warm
2010-06-24 03:14:38 · Reply · View
arinaubrey: Enjoyed a quiet night with a glass of wine and my dvr.
2010-06-24 03:14:33 · Reply · View
DaddysToolbox: what wine did you drink tonight for #WineWednesday ? we just had a few glasses at the bar tonight. nothing good tweeting about
2010-06-24 03:14:32 · Reply · View
NigerianHair: Yummm wine yumm moscato yummm tequlllaaaaaah.
2010-06-24 03:14:28 · Reply · View
IvyEyez: Wine and cheese with my mom
2010-06-24 03:14:27 · Reply · View
TravelDL: wine cheese basket: What are some raffle ideas? Someone’s husband at my job is terminally ill, and we are trying t…
2010-06-24 03:14:26 · Reply · View
2010-06-24 03:14:20 · Reply · View
sassyteresa: My baby cooked an amazing dinner. Oh and great wine. What more could I ask for.
2010-06-24 03:14:19 · Reply · View
xopinkmoonxo: @ellefowler lol are you having the biggest glass of wine ever after that meetup? It looked kind of intense!
2010-06-24 03:14:19 · Reply · View
ImSoStudio: @tmmhaha why am I jus finishing the bottle of reisling from ya wine & cheese party
2010-06-24 03:14:18 · Reply · View
kaleighkae: royally pissed off. where’s the wine?
2010-06-24 03:14:14 · Reply · View
CocktailDeeva: I should go to bed but I have 3 more sips of wine left…Wine wins…
2010-06-24 03:14:11 · Reply · View

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