Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 12, 2010

JnSNi: @craftjoshua you would love this wedding then!! Haha!!! I’m on my 5th glass of wine… You know what that means. I think there r pics ughh!
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IUplaymate: @ramonasinger ramona, what is the BEST kind of white wine? I am starting my wine fetish, pinot?!
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B3LLAH: RT @LexoFlexo: I think the wine is kickin it< it is for me!!! Lol * cheers*
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KCinMontreal: Nope. I’m watching my chiminae (sp?) in my backyard. With wine & cigar. @chile_pepper I am the only person on Twitter who doesn’t watch UFC.
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norbscor: #wine #alcohol #drinks Wine
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RobsButtonsBabe: @ATL_Mouseketeer ohshit me no box of wine only a small bottle LOL 4.49
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Snouches: Popping bottles of Chandon in the club is not "cool". Chandon is a sparkling wine meant to be consumed while enjoying a meal.
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CandidK: @SecretAmber lol. I have WINE and mark wahlberg and Tyrese Gibson on my tv. That’s a good night for me. lol ;-)
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nikole13: I am pretty sure the bottle of wine I’m about to finish is more than I make in a day. & I’ll be sick for 3 days. But feck it, life is short.
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wine_handzus: RT @alawine: .Why wine can be a part of the investment portfolio | via @duncanpaisley: #wine
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suscochran: @knittinggolfer haven’t talked with Carol today, but will be there tomorrow! I bet it did! Wish I could have a glass of wine with you!
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DysonWest: Think i Might pour another glass of Wine….
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DrKaNobie: Some people cant handle their wine coolers
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ScarlettFay66: going 2 The Edge 2nite 4 overpriced wine and perverted conversation w the ladies
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Dat_Crazi_bitcH: #thingswhitepeopledo actually get wine and flowers and candy and rose petals on valentines day which are #thingsblackpeopledontdo
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sookes6: Weekly Rooftop Wine Tasting in NYC for only $12? God, I wish I was 21 right now.
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MelissaSummers: I’m at Annual Miller Wine Party w/ 3 others.
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stevenboss: RT @foodista: #DailyQuote: "I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food."- W. C. Fields
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JustAddAiir: Chillin at home, sippin on some red wine, waitin for the night to begin.
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