Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 11, 2010

cellarmistress: @thefourgraces Oh my gosh–you are finally on -Twitter! Yea! I owe you a fabulous blog! Your wines are fantastic! I have one more wine 2 go!
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cebu_graphic_de: Logo Design by Richie2892 We are a startup company working in the retail wine business. We’re in need of a logo and a
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closedeyes: I just sat outside drinking wine and talking. I miss my girls.
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CynStorm: @ISP_Troop_USAF I have said it before and will say it again.. yes wine kicks my ass but can drink sailors under the table with whiskey ;o)
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JSHARELLE: That’s my favorite wine!!!! RT @KelSpencer: Moscato flow…
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Ms_LadyC: Relaxing in the recliner with some wine #goodlife
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aliensauce: & also a sign of alcoholism. *sips wine* RT @Halfway2nakid I wanna get drunk. But being drunk by yurself is wack!
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SweetGazaReds: @KHRISTOPHERSING lmao jus wine up mi want wine up still yuh nuh…but Kartel song come inna mi head lol
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crashcat: Now at Kokopelli Winery…because the best decisions are made over wine.
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connors75: @AdamSchein def Burnett he serves world series wine
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G6scrapped: hmm .. It’s 10:15 do I want another glass of wine, rephrase should I have another glass?! #wineparty
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AlluringMind: Dayummmmmm I got them my wine goggles on right now I look like fuggin yoda right now lol —___—- uber Chinese #Nshit
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BriiSimone: #WhenIWasLittle I Used To Think That Sparkling Cider Was Really Wine.
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RunRunAway13: @chantelle_sarah It’s like you’re getting the E! True Hollywood Story of PPL. How wine convinced me to suggest the idea to Alli, who I>>
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Makmora: @mjsonly That is because the wine has been treated with pesticides. Drink European red wines and you won’t get a headache.
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Snubs: Drinking wine and watching vampire diaries with Lindsay. @bigepaz be proud!
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anthony__wilson: so does @cathycorison. she– and her wine– help.
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wholuvsyabitch: RT @thebutteredside: My moms boyfriend suggested I give the kids an aspirin then dip their carrot sticks in some wine for our long flight to Florida…WTH?
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TonyFratto: @akmcquade I hope it’s delivering wine.
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ouruse: Bike ridin, wine garden, supper club :) #brooklynrules
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