Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 3, 2010

Hoolz_Montana: Sipping some wine blowing a marley then off to bed soon studio session in the morning
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LeighNieves: Is about to drink a bottle of wine and smoke a pack of cigarettes. Gee I’m healthy.
2010-06-04 03:15:06 · Reply · View
Jay_Luv84: RT @ClassE_n_SassE @Jay_Luv84 lol…plz tell me u r listening to that damn song… I was drinking wine and thout of it do you know the song
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bereolaesque: #WhenLAwins I’ll have a special announcement …. until then I’ll be sipping red wine doin ‘The Bereola’
2010-06-04 03:15:04 · Reply · View
TwinAvarice: Drinking wine with my mom. This shyt is not good. But the shyt youll drink to get #turnt up.
2010-06-04 03:15:00 · Reply · View
Alyssurte0u: Wine Bottle Lock Keeps Your Grange Safe
2010-06-04 03:14:56 · Reply · View
Deliciouswines: Wine fills the heart with courage.Rich texture, and flavors of black cherry wines at
2010-06-04 03:14:54 · Reply · View
fivesteez: Red wine
2010-06-04 03:14:51 · Reply · View
VampiricWitch: Most N.J. residents want ability to buy beer, wine with groceries | – – Cast your vote!
2010-06-04 03:14:43 · Reply · View
SimoneSydney: RT @WriteAwayPR White choc blueberry scones & clotted cream w/ T2 Darjeeling? Visit the Breville High Tea at the Good Food & Wine Show #GFWS
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nzdeany: @nzmovieguy several glasses of wine or finishing early or preferably both
2010-06-04 03:14:34 · Reply · View
darrickhartman: @voipusers I’m ready for beer/wine tasting followed by a nap. Just as soon as I add this new user to Netware? Yikes Netware! Really?
2010-06-04 03:14:33 · Reply · View
blushresponse: Ending the #WAWine evening with dinner and a bottle of Maryhill Winemaker’s White. Wait, the person who orders the wine has to try it?
2010-06-04 03:14:32 · Reply · View
OmgItsJustinx: RT @JBABii_xO @omgitsjustinx nah we gotta drink red wine cuz she likes that and alejandro does too < Classy bitches =)
2010-06-04 03:14:25 · Reply · View
WineReviewsNews: [Wine News] Last of the Summer Wine to end: Wine News – Vinkosvet’s blog
2010-06-04 03:14:21 · Reply · View
joejanish: Tasting potential new imports this week. Tonight: a $50 Hungarian red Bordeaux blend. Great wine, but does US need a $50 Hungarian red?
2010-06-04 03:14:17 · Reply · View
tastingwine: How HR 5034 and The End of Direct Shipping Is Being Sold: The beer and wine wholesalers supporting H.R. 5034, a bi…
2010-06-04 03:14:11 · Reply · View
be3d: @itsmemerideth’s teeth are bright purple. Red wine again.
2010-06-04 03:14:08 · Reply · View
bottledncorked: Question to my wine friends: Do you think that younger wine drinkers are positively or negatively affecting the wine industry?
2010-06-04 03:14:05 · Reply · View
musingincolor: OK! I am Italian, I can do wine!! RT @Bserendipity: @musingincolor I can’t drink beer. :( Martinis?! I *do* (cont)
2010-06-04 03:14:03 · Reply · View

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