Twitter Tweets about wine as of February 19, 2010

virtuejofernart: a 55min hard core aerobic workout & 999 calories burnt…I reckon that’s just about two bottles of wine…
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mikeseverson: Date night at a real restaurant that has a real wine list!
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diverbh: Thinking the same thing. Except slurrier. RT @mominreallife: Mmmmmmm……wine
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BayAreaTravel: Mud Baths for Couples, Wine Salons Revitalize Downtown Napa: Away from the wineries, downtown Napa spruces up with…
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BayAreaTravel: Winter a cool time to visit wine country: Head to Napa’s wine country in the winter. With harvest over and future …
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weheartwine: Hiya! We’re ready to begin our Loire wine tasting! 3 wines on the list: Gamay, Vouvray & Sauvignon Blanc. Plus a CA chenin to compare!
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Sintimacy: K I’m watchin ‘my sister keeper’ while drinkin wine… idk if that’s a gud idea…
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lilkaraokediva: Kim F…I’m working on Wine…to late for coffee!!! (#BonJoviOnUstream live at
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Atomox: How the fuck are we suppose to have wine without cheese? Stupid Walmart.
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jessicaelyse: Now I’m VIP at the Blood Into Wine screening at the W Hotel… Loving life.
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MsAmberk: About to go get some wine and relax a lil bit. All my lil cuzzos left me! :( lol.
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lizpope: #ff my pal @SuzieLin for her snow storm stories, wine advice and bc I thought her pup Baxter was a serial killer.
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shaggylom: I’m at golden triangle wine & spirits (12th & Broadway, Denver).
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BG_garden: RT @FLWineLady: At a reallly weird wine bar in Brattleboro, Vermont. Hmmm no wine list?!<- play it safe and ask for the HOUSE wine?!
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_oh_darling: what the flip chef tony!!!… where is the red wine??
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EdmontonBizcaf: Edmonton DANBY WINE CAPTAIN $495.00

DANBY WINE CAPTAIN. This is a new, unused wine captain. I do n…

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joyknows: Good, cuz when U get in the wine, we know how thug u get. RT @erichthewebguy: That said, I am SO GLAD to be moving!!!
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PoliceDogLuke: RT @robonz: Devonport food and wine fest. 7th glass. Chlorophilia says. Cruisy!
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AnneHubatch: Good Wine Law seminar yesterday. Nice to refresh on the laws. Glad I knew most of them! #oregonwine
2010-02-20 03:15:08 · Reply · View
wewuvwine: ‘Spas, Wine and Luxury in Northern Michigan’ – <~ Huh, that was interesting… #wine
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