Twitter Tweets about wine as of February 16, 2010

raincoaster: @OkanaganWriting You should blog about what makes a great writing wine. And challenge vineyards to send you samples
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PvilleRotary: We now have Paypal. Order your tickets from our website- $45 ea. Enjoy wine from all over the world and cuisine from fine restaurants!
2010-02-17 03:15:27 · Reply · View
RPattzSmirk: @RPattzsexhair ok you want me to count or not *scratches head & drinks another glass o’ wine*
2010-02-17 03:15:24 · Reply · View
belle_pierre: RT @mat_johnson: My hooker love will return at 3am to feed me grapes stolen from a sugar daddy. They turn to wine on the heat of my tongue.
2010-02-17 03:15:23 · Reply · View
kiddrussell: new song and free download perfect for sipping wine too
2010-02-17 03:15:18 · Reply · View
QueenOfTheRoad: Me: In bed, in PJs w/chocolate + wine, watching figure skating. Husb: out w/the guys. Cause or effect?
2010-02-17 03:15:17 · Reply · View
SenjaNinja: @jessepriest if all else fails, maybe I will use Wine to run foobar2000. I’m using Wine for utorrent. I couldn’t find a Linux client I liked
2010-02-17 03:15:09 · Reply · View
TheNikkieT: Drinking some wine then off to wish and hotel capri!
2010-02-17 03:15:02 · Reply · View
wewuvwine: We’ll tip our glasses to that one! ‘Two spectacular BC wines in my Globe & Mail column’ – #wine
2010-02-17 03:15:01 · Reply · View
jatk7c: wine n tv..
2010-02-17 03:14:53 · Reply · View
TheDallasAngela: @ATLangela I love lush! It is my absolute favorite place for bath stuff! Enjoy your bath and bottle of wine.
2010-02-17 03:14:43 · Reply · View
yvonneramsey: Wow so my mom and @pyramsey just took over my bed.. glad they brought some wine
2010-02-17 03:14:42 · Reply · View
playplay88: HW+Wine+#BGC= Bliss
2010-02-17 03:14:31 · Reply · View
kellysims: Back in the office, this time with wine instead of coffee. My day is run by liquids.
2010-02-17 03:14:25 · Reply · View
leatherwood_des: Sipping a red wine and shipping orders – a good end to a busy day!
2010-02-17 03:14:17 · Reply · View
Banky71: @bmaninc Nothing at all…Are you enjoying a wine cooler?
2010-02-17 03:14:16 · Reply · View
mat_johnson: My hooker love will return at 3am to feed me grapes stolen from a sugar daddy. They turn to wine on the heat of my tongue.
2010-02-17 03:14:16 · Reply · View
thisnewlaughter: current obsessions: jack white, gemma hayes, band of horses, documentaries, tearing apart magazines, + empty wine bottles.
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OkanaganWriting: Ejoying one of my fave BC wines: 2004 Reserve Cab Sauv from Hester Creek. Damn good writing wine.
2010-02-17 03:14:13 · Reply · View
TheWildRockGuy: Had a top night with @EricArnold in his local in Brooklyn. Closest you get to blending a New Yorker & a Kiwi+ a great wine knowledge in both
2010-02-17 03:14:10 · Reply · View

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