Twitter Tweets about wine as of February 2, 2010

meatmanmike: Call me negative but I find your picture lacking a proper name/link for a wine idiot like me RT @PhilaFoodie

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laure280aolcom: @DarenBBC It was initiation with Room Commerce and Cellar~Wine,SnowMan.
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josiepk: Having a class of wine
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redrummy: @starmushrooms "Vicodin, bread and red wine"? Then what do you mean "out of food"? Add olive oil & that’s a completely balaced diet.
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AliciaNBCSD: RT @erica_holloway: Buy in bulk! RT @VirtueIMC: @erica_holloway actually I’d say it’s been one of those days when the box-wine doesn’t look big enough #tipit
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DeOliveraTwigg: Wine-tastic! Sweet NEW "Cork"Screw design
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ilyses: @therunningdoc I will have a flight on Sat and report my findings! I like Bordeaux a lot bc it’s very full bodied and rich. No whimpy wine:)
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BeersInBoston: RT @BostonTweet: Drooling over the craft beer selection at the new Brookline Fine Wine store in the Village – it’s Friday right?
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rccwine: @RVAfoodie no offense, but there are at least as many chemicals in that $3.79 wine as that pizza. Only 1 req’d labelling. Just sayin’.
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dailyangst: I made an anticipatory chicken for the aftermath of Wine and Carb Wednesday…wishful thinking? #wasps #lascucarachas
2010-02-03 03:16:40 · Reply · View
YungProdigy1: Ahh snowed in with KDS and AMD Jr…A good evening…We need someone to deliver some wine…
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PattyMayoTE: @FrannyBLuEnt I made dinner not that long ago so I’m eating and drinking wine…watchin tv…you?
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PrincessJlove: Watching bad girls club and eating dinner with a glass of wine……the single life!
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irishchari: @saraiderin Hahahaha I like the idea of your using Irish Breakfast tea (I never read the decafe part) and wind is so much better than wine!!
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ukdaysout: New World Wine Collection
2010-02-03 03:16:11 · Reply · View
Eccentric_Girl: Salmon, salad and wine for dinner
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drepaj: Teen Mom better be your back up or you are dead to me. Maci needs you! RT @JLTap Wine. Couch. Lost. Popcorn.
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corewine: you better get on board pretty quickly if you want to represent CORE wine company by spring 805-714-5057
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BRicKs88: this cunt is ordering something out this store and she just said "dont give me the wine chicken thats gone get me drunk" omg i cant
2010-02-03 03:16:00 · Reply · View
thewinediary: Wine and Spirits / Oak bombs away
2010-02-03 03:16:00 · Reply · View

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