Twitter Tweets about wine as of July 27, 2009

supahsha: @md20737 scary isnt it…if i keep this up i might become an alcholic *sheesh* moutain dew during the school year wine for the offseason lol
2009-07-28 03:15:49 · Reply · View
tinyKCdancer: Loving the storm. Drinking red truck wine, watching Bridget jone’s diary and baking chocolate chip cookies! Doesn’t get any better…
2009-07-28 03:15:34 · Reply · View
2009-07-28 03:15:14 · Reply · View
ericbuffalo: @squash86 I hear ya…but he got what Buffalo was all about – community. I’m putting out an invite to come back and drink wine with us!
2009-07-28 03:14:52 · Reply · View
VeronicanLife: Rashaan Patterson "After Hours’ is a really good grown and sexy cd if you like that neo-soul, drinking wine and relaxing chill type of feel
2009-07-28 03:14:36 · Reply · View
KyngO: @iheartbrooke Dude betta hurry up & get his ass 2 c u asap bcuz 1 mo tweet bout ur bubble baths wit candle lit & sipn wine im come n 2 NC!!!
2009-07-28 03:14:07 · Reply · View
sugainmytea: They forgot to charge us for the wine! Woohoo!
2009-07-28 03:14:06 · Reply · View
Computer_Jones: @czar_roland Probably so, but then it’s to be expected what with him being able to turn water into wine and all
2009-07-28 03:14:05 · Reply · View
katherinealyce: Upon departing Vegas, I get in trouble when I have too much time to kill in the airport. $5 on water, $10 on wine, $20 on slots.
2009-07-28 03:13:49 · Reply · View
aussiewinelady: RT @mycellar: Warning on wine future
2009-07-28 03:13:48 · Reply · View
supahsha: @md20737 well i had a mild sleeping aid while it was raining. lol i 2 glasses of wine wonderful i tell you
2009-07-28 03:13:39 · Reply · View
winelog: Fleveneur rated Alexander & Fitch Merlot 2006 3 stars. – #wine
2009-07-28 03:13:38 · Reply · View
NaeSongzz: @PhlyyPhree lol hey girl my day has been ok I’m been drinking wine all day. How was your day
2009-07-28 03:13:33 · Reply · View
madisonfoodie: @EricavH Not sure what temp your wine got to, but have heard that above about 90 degrees, heat will wreck a good wine in pretty short order.
2009-07-28 03:13:26 · Reply · View
jessegantt: sipping wine and just finished putting on a chocolate mud mask. I love my life.
2009-07-28 03:13:01 · Reply · View
T_Dot_Money: Haha he say im Wine Fine . And to get my number you gotta take me out too the Top of the Line Dine . lmao GNR .
2009-07-28 03:12:55 · Reply · View
SBradleyDC: Saw this quote in a story on "In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, and in water there is bacteria.”
2009-07-28 03:12:50 · Reply · View
wendyinohio: Dark chocolate, white wine & Chelsea. Nice end to a long day.
2009-07-28 03:12:47 · Reply · View
kdub25: Great day at the mountain time for Thai food and a good bottle of wine!! :)
2009-07-28 03:12:40 · Reply · View
NelsonFoo: what #chocolate got to do with # port dessert #wine #wgam
2009-07-28 03:12:29 · Reply · View

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