Twitter Tweets about wine as of July 12, 2009

genuhvieve: @drtko i dont drink any wine. never mind the wrong wine lol. same goes for beer… yuckeroooooo
2009-07-13 03:15:22 · Reply · View
180360: is empty house, listening to The Dead Weather, drinking wine and attending traffic school. WORD.
2009-07-13 03:15:21 · Reply · View
EverSexy: @urban_gypsy Im about to do the same, pizza and wine myself.
2009-07-13 03:15:21 · Reply · View
tommymerrill: Drinking WAY too much wine with my parents and wife on l.e.s. Good times!!!!
2009-07-13 03:15:13 · Reply · View
sobonwine: That was a great Sacramento Wine and Dine wine dinner at Il Forno Classico in Gold River!
Everything was excellent! Wines too!
2009-07-13 03:15:12 · Reply · View
kevinstoddard: Tasting 2006 Austin Hope Grenache Hope Family Vineyard – #wine
2009-07-13 03:15:12 · Reply · View
Dcaple86: Clever tweet that aludes to the fact that I’m at a Jenny Lewis/Ray LaMontagne concert. Also I love wine.
2009-07-13 03:15:01 · Reply · View
Tiffanyr6986: Bubble bath with some wine!!!!! Got some serious thinking to do!!!! Yeppppppp;)
2009-07-13 03:15:00 · Reply · View
leighasmallwood: lovin some iron and wine love vigilantes <3 #hypem
2009-07-13 03:14:55 · Reply · View
georgeanng: Drinking a bottle of wine at the vig. I wish wearing pants in public was an optional thing.
2009-07-13 03:14:54 · Reply · View
WayLeft_KJ: Bout to shut this pool down for the night! Darkness, too many cups of Wine, Blackberry in pocket, pool = Recipe for destruction! LOL
2009-07-13 03:14:52 · Reply · View
thetesha82: @genuhvieve well this is like my 3rd time drinking wine and its growing on me. its not that bad actually. maybe cuz its cheap
2009-07-13 03:14:43 · Reply · View
mabernal: got a new book, all i need is a glass of wine
2009-07-13 03:14:35 · Reply · View
brendaalejo: Yummy:) Dinner and wine with my besties and the boys
2009-07-13 03:14:29 · Reply · View
coffeegeek: Mmmmmm wine so good, from @farmstead!
2009-07-13 03:14:20 · Reply · View
SusanCooks4U: @ChefDebbieCPC we’re going to NOLA on the graces of SWA – can’t bring bottles of wine on board – will pick up wine once there!
2009-07-13 03:14:19 · Reply · View
MisterLumpy: The wine’s kickin’ and the Motown rermemberers are shakin’ their money makers… Especially this one lady rockin’ a p
2009-07-13 03:14:14 · Reply · View
drtko: @genuhvieve That’s cause y’all drinkin the wrong wine, I used to hate it until I was taught about it
2009-07-13 03:14:11 · Reply · View
GlenAZNews: RT #glenazfood @SonoranBrewCo Get SONORAN Beer To Go @ TOTAL WINE
2009-07-13 03:14:03 · Reply · View
meganmmcclurken: Back home:) Great mini-vacay EXCEPT I dropped my bottle of wine from Leavenworth right as I was getting out of my car:( Oh well.
2009-07-13 03:13:54 · Reply · View

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