Twitter Tweets about wine as of July 11, 2009

heathergerlaugh: @designdish <3 you! when are we drinking wine this week?
2009-07-12 03:17:10 · Reply · View
DraderCo: You fell down the stairs, but good news…. didn’t spill a drop of wine? RT @KellyOlexa: OMG I simply cannot believe what just happened.
2009-07-12 03:17:06 · Reply · View
GERI_C: @msparisknight we in here drinkin that red wine!
2009-07-12 03:16:59 · Reply · View
melluci: I think @soamber had too much wine and passed out on hammock. A deer is watching us. No adult material here, you can leave, buddy
2009-07-12 03:16:56 · Reply · View
mattludlow: Eastbound and Down BBQ Wine and spice marinated tri tip = pure awesome
2009-07-12 03:16:51 · Reply · View
Alchemist4: @boywho8ramen Did they lift you in a chair? Jewish weddings and bar mitzvahs are the best. I can’t stand that sweet Manaschewitz wine though
2009-07-12 03:16:34 · Reply · View
jhodges55: Started in on the wine at 11a today with everyone else, gotta love Napa Valley.
2009-07-12 03:16:34 · Reply · View
LizStefani: just finished a bottle of wine all to myself. i feel somewhat better =P
2009-07-12 03:16:27 · Reply · View
tmonay: Iron and wine in Georgia.
2009-07-12 03:16:17 · Reply · View
LindaPerry: Pate & crackers … Now that’s what I call a picnic (and some really good wine)
2009-07-12 03:16:17 · Reply · View
WineWonkette: @WineDiverGirl @drXeNo @mmWine D@mn we soooooooooooo need to move to Wine Country!
2009-07-12 03:16:17 · Reply · View
Luvsash27: This weather DEF got me feelin sum type of way……I need sum wine lol
2009-07-12 03:16:15 · Reply · View
dargavell: Wine and food! I love living in a city
2009-07-12 03:16:11 · Reply · View
hicksgirl93: sipping a glass of red wine, relaxing, after a busy day with the hubby and kiddies.
2009-07-12 03:16:02 · Reply · View
kimmiecat: my son, Michael, got me Michael Jackson # Ones-I’m having so much fun-chair dancing and feel so much younger….wait, maybe that’s the wine
2009-07-12 03:15:52 · Reply · View
drxeno: I just added Kosta Browne Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2007 to my wine log. – #wine
2009-07-12 03:15:49 · Reply · View
Starryice: Two hours of this day left… Then 10 more tomorrow. I think a glass of wine tonight is called for after a 13 hour day. Isn’t is mandatory?
2009-07-12 03:15:48 · Reply · View
girlandcoconut: I love everybody!!!!!!! Who wouldn’t after getting pissed on some fab wine?!?
2009-07-12 03:15:47 · Reply · View
stuckeywriter: Cashville. We still going. @alishabell talking crazy. Too much wine bruh with my mom!
2009-07-12 03:15:45 · Reply · View
MrRoyalty: @NicoletheWriter i don’t drink but i’ve heard the wine shop is dope should have been in the bk one too
2009-07-12 03:15:43 · Reply · View

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