Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 29, 2009

akaMonty: @stales See, I think so too! I’m not a huge fan of red wine so I think the vanilla ice cream would perk it right up. :D
2009-06-30 03:15:03 · Reply · View
XOBM: Enough Twittering, I’ve done too much! Company arrived :) Dvds & wine, thee best! ..R&R remedy on the weekdays xo
2009-06-30 03:14:54 · Reply · View
Shyvonne: movie and wine on deck…then finally back to NY tomorrow…
2009-06-30 03:14:54 · Reply · View
dorfird: Anyone know how to make see that I installed Audible Manager in #ubuntu #linux using Wine? #help
2009-06-30 03:14:49 · Reply · View
vandarien: Drinking miranda lamberts "crazy ex-girlfriend" wine, & watching alice in wonderland w\ j:) ah, paradise!
2009-06-30 03:14:46 · Reply · View
kristinnoeline: I don’t know, I think Nurse Jackie took a bit of a turn down Cheesy Street tonight. Maybe I just haven’t had enough wine.
2009-06-30 03:14:41 · Reply · View
snsualnfrstrctr: @marco_wilson do you drink your wine in the morning and wil u give my luv to chelan
2009-06-30 03:14:34 · Reply · View
hatsforbats: Tasted too much good wine this weekend, now my three day old two-buck Chuck tastes foul:(
2009-06-30 03:14:28 · Reply · View
oceandria: apolloni vinyard… Wine tasting and blueberry pies .. july 3rd funny combo but sounds good!
2009-06-30 03:14:18 · Reply · View
EasyGuitarRiff: Guitar News: Wine of the week: Red Guitar Old Vine Tempranillo Garnacha: Grab a glass and rock it ou..
2009-06-30 03:14:17 · Reply · View
Troyon: thirsty, water or wine?
2009-06-30 03:14:14 · Reply · View
auntcorna: think it’s the wine talking, jillian!
2009-06-30 03:14:14 · Reply · View
Lonnamae: Wine, a drunk bat, and a sophie in the bushes…monday night fun!!
2009-06-30 03:14:12 · Reply · View
sydrichards: I would be on a super natural high if I played #TheSims while I twittering, drinkin wine, twittering, and writing an essay on leadership:)
2009-06-30 03:14:10 · Reply · View
KyleTTuttle: Gnocci, red wine & tiramisu. All the way Italian.
2009-06-30 03:14:09 · Reply · View
2009-06-30 03:14:05 · Reply · View
rarmendariz: At Babaloos Cuban Cafe tasting. Guitarras Latinas (band) has such a great sound. Southern Wine did great job pairing wine for 1st course, 2.
2009-06-30 03:14:01 · Reply · View
kaylaconspiracy: @erenlloyd Oh yes. And with all the wine influenced #LOFNOTC who couldn’t be happy wine in hand?
2009-06-30 03:13:58 · Reply · View
NashvilleCajun: Anyone ever had a California wine named Forman?
2009-06-30 03:13:57 · Reply · View
PrettiiRickii: Goodnite… Long, hot, beautiful day 2day dat included 1 2 many L’s n a glass of wine 2 end it all… I’m beat!!
2009-06-30 03:13:56 · Reply · View

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