Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 24, 2009

SeReND1P1Ty: @talib_tirm When I get to Brooklyn we are going to fight – a wine off! I bet I will win by a mile! lol
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AnnaGConnell: ‘Onecard specials on wine and washing powder’. Apparently cleanliness is next to drunkeness.
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OHeathyO: Wine with Kris and a nice warm evening in The Wood is what’s up.
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Bradinator: A cellar of wine will never make fun of your shortcomings. – Benjamin Franklin #quote
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skance: Showered, clean sheets night, some wine and some Top Chef Masters. Wednesday? You’re alright!
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winetonite: New TetraPak containers for wine. Wha do you think?
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mopjock: Wine Events for the Inland Empire Area for the Week of June 23 thru June 28 – SoCAL
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superscel: Drinking some wine with Mo! yay!
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SeatOnMyFace: This steak is huge. Cooked to perfection. Presentation is perfect and the wine recommendation was spot on. I should be a food critic.
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blackjkspollock: – My son cooked with racheal ray in Miami 2008 at the wine and food festival
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alisonkjordan: Hanging out at this pretty cool little wine bar waiting for @solangeknowles! Come on giiiiirl, its your birfday!
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podfeet: @Manya I’m SO glad you made the trip, really was a blast. You forgot the wine tho and we had to LEAVE it,called as u ran down the street…
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manda2834: RT @JonathanRKnight: my period came…. Take2 motrin and eat some m&m that always helps me…oh &a glass of wine love u no matter what mood
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solepsis: Also, Jesus drank alcoholic wine.
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RiverlandWeekly: Today’s Weekly: Exit package money surprise; New culture call for regional wine marketing; in sport Ramco to celebrate centenary.
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Chula97: @JonathanRKnight ughhhh tell me about it! Aunt Flow is a fucking bitch!! Gotta love Midol and wine or Vodka to calm the nerves! Good luck!
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PirateMeghan: @redmare I predict your prediction is spot on. Plans of capers and hijinks to form after a bottle of wine?
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IamButton: @katieboocat I like beer, wine, vodka, bourbon, sake and moonshine. I think @buckypg may have passed out from his own drinking binge.
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lizawhitten: Meeting a friend for a glass of wine…It’s Wednesday, not quite the party night. Be back soon.
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