Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 23, 2009

davetong: 2007 Windy Oaks Terra Narro PN – #wine Light nose, typical WO style. Cola, cherry, cranberry, spice. 88
2009-06-22 21:16:03 · Reply · View
MemorableEvents: Hot tub (check), Blackberry (check), glass of wine (I’m all good for now, lol)
2009-06-22 21:15:47 · Reply · View
Diva4Lyfe07: hahaha my mama just said he used to be fine as wine now he fat as fuck!!
2009-06-22 21:15:32 · Reply · View
wirechairs: @ Yield Wine Bar in Dogpatch with @jternes + @peter_r; off to Serpentine for dinner now!
2009-06-22 21:15:29 · Reply · View
xlButtaLuvlx: im ur loss & i have much to gain.. like somethin betta than you, betta than u thought u knew! by me LOL dj buttaluv, drinkin red wine
2009-06-22 21:15:26 · Reply · View
terilg: @kristid how was the evening thing? did you drink all those glasses of wine? LOL. just got home from my meeting, ran long. #wcsocial
2009-06-22 21:15:22 · Reply · View
briankeeter: The second revision of my article is on it’s way to Mr. Rockwell. Now, more wine!
2009-06-22 21:15:19 · Reply · View
loungeon20: New Happy Hour time: 3-7p. Sit back on the patio and enjoy $5 wine, cocktails, bubbles, and food.
2009-06-22 21:15:19 · Reply · View
kittypage: eating spam and eggs while watching John Cleese’s Wine for the Confused…the irony wasn’t intended, but is not lost.
2009-06-22 21:15:13 · Reply · View
poppysmum: Just had a lovely impromptu backyard visit and glass of wine with my neighbour. Thinking of her moving in two months makes me want to cry.
2009-06-22 21:15:09 · Reply · View
DanielleThomps: @trew804 oowwwwwww just serve me wine i think Fur is a really nice spot u got v.i.p?
2009-06-22 21:15:07 · Reply · View
FoodNetworkFans: Tyler Florence at Mill Valley Wine & Gourmet Food Tasting this weekend
2009-06-22 21:15:03 · Reply · View
xlButtaLuvlx: im ur loss & i have much to gain.. like somethin betta than you, betta than u thought u knew! by me LOL dj buttaluv, bout 2 drink, red wine
2009-06-22 21:14:49 · Reply · View
purplecodeine: is pissed ! that wine made me pass out ! missed half the night. I even missed my chuchums. wtf
2009-06-22 21:14:47 · Reply · View
Shonarae: Having a nice glass of wine and checking emails before bed! Nice relaxing moment for me!
2009-06-22 21:14:41 · Reply · View
Giancarlo_G: @ArenAfsharian Hahaha mus be nice! Drink some wine it will be even better!
2009-06-22 21:14:39 · Reply · View
prettyrach: @arjosh let know know how folding that glass of wine works out for you
2009-06-22 21:14:38 · Reply · View
BellaBamBinax: Italian, red wine & intelligent conversation under the stars =Bliss
2009-06-22 21:14:36 · Reply · View
lillysbistro: Another Fantastic wine dinner! Who knew vegetarian could be sooo tasty! Stay tuned for upcoming events!!
2009-06-22 21:14:23 · Reply · View
enobytes: RT @tonymcclung Wine Thoughts: There R great wines 2 be found in Bordeaux that don’t cost an arm and a leg… but sadly few & far between
2009-06-22 21:14:21 · Reply · View

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