Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 22, 2009

JKode: @liz_gilgan you’re suppose to be playing softball, not drinking wine
2009-06-23 03:15:50 · Reply · View
edwardragg: Lunch at Maison Boulud, giving WSET Advanced tonight, new pieces for Enobytes, World of Fine Wine, Beijinger… Book progressing pretty well
2009-06-23 03:15:46 · Reply · View
eddieqle: A nice bottle of wine… good food.. a little jaeger… ready to sleep.
2009-06-23 03:15:43 · Reply · View
AlexandraGavall: red red wine & anthony bourdain. I cant wait to be back in sf
2009-06-23 03:15:34 · Reply · View
michelledavis77: Is finally home….just got some disturbing news…grabbing a glass of wine….
2009-06-23 03:15:26 · Reply · View
cciurlizza: RT @sechegaray In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria. (LOL!!!)
2009-06-23 03:15:22 · Reply · View
martybeckerman: drinking wine alone at night feels classy… drinking beer alone at night just feels sad–but terrific in the morning!
2009-06-23 03:15:21 · Reply · View
JamieBohBamie: Just got home from dinner with Lou, Calla and Nick…maybe a nice bath with some wine to finish off a nice birthday
2009-06-23 03:15:20 · Reply · View
Christinann: wallowing and watching Twilight. All this night needs is wine.
2009-06-23 03:15:18 · Reply · View
pennydreadfully: I just stole Victor a wine glass at a fancy bar. I am so goddamn white trash.
2009-06-23 03:15:17 · Reply · View
ABottleOfWine: Wine tasting is easy and fun to learn.
When you hold a party with your friends they will love it too.
2009-06-23 03:15:15 · Reply · View
yumopress: Looking for some wine suggestions from the helpful staff @ Spec’s. Showed me this in a Merlot and Chardonnay.
2009-06-23 03:15:08 · Reply · View
djamanning: "4 Slices chocolate cake, 2 glasses red wine: double-plus ungood" Bridget Jones – 1984
2009-06-23 03:15:08 · Reply · View
KillaCamilli: this young wine got me super tired….head droopin…must go to sleep….
2009-06-23 03:15:07 · Reply · View
WinesToTheStars: **Latest wine sensation! Vinecrest 06 Barossa Valley Shiraz.Great vintage and great wine for price. $30.00@Cellardoor. Get it while u can!
2009-06-23 03:15:00 · Reply · View
tbeckett: .@ashevillewine What is "extract" in a bottle of wine?
2009-06-23 03:14:54 · Reply · View
winenut: Poured the QED for three retailers/restaurants in Austin, all 3 loved the wine and will carry it, need to finalize TX distributor asap!
2009-06-23 03:14:52 · Reply · View
becky720: @BatGirl76 re:wine Ok.. so when are we splitting it!??! I would LOVE to try it!
2009-06-23 03:14:46 · Reply · View
mydailywine: Saint-Gobain releases it’s Eco Series wine bottles. Beautiful and super lightweight. @wineconscience
2009-06-23 03:14:26 · Reply · View
decaptain: Easy grill marindae for chicken: chopped parsley, basil, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, splash o/ white wine. #recipes #grilling #cooking
2009-06-23 03:14:21 · Reply · View

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