Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 21, 2009

ABottleOfWine: Wine tasting is easy and fun to learn.
When you hold a party with your friends they will love it too.
2009-06-22 03:15:14 · Reply · View
Basel_Cellars: At Taste Washington Spokane. Another great event by the Washington Wine Commission!
2009-06-22 03:14:20 · Reply · View
julianna12369: My grandparents killed the biggest bottle of shitty wine. Damn!
2009-06-22 03:14:19 · Reply · View
bjandcompany: Man Law- you and your man cannot sit at a table and share a bottle of wine in the club… Get some girls!
2009-06-22 03:14:18 · Reply · View
pink_flirt: Having a glass of wine and then bed!
2009-06-22 03:14:04 · Reply · View
rroto: No entiendo las letras de los Lacrimas Profundere: "Your hair is like wine, your skin is ‘h’, time, i love your tears falling down…" =S
2009-06-22 03:13:36 · Reply · View
itSHOWTIME: @imunpredictable my THIRSY a$$ is gonna get some wine from kroger lol
2009-06-22 03:13:33 · Reply · View
shoparkansas: Sunday Poetry: Love is like red, red wine « Do Bianchi: Life in Arkansas is certainly different than New York, C..
2009-06-22 03:13:30 · Reply · View
KasiaKolo: nm it must be the wine… Cameron is borderline disgusting! HA HA
2009-06-22 03:13:21 · Reply · View
BradleyFW: btl of wine, now @ bill’s city w/ my wifey
2009-06-22 03:13:20 · Reply · View
splashesofwine: Just ate at Gio Bistro and Wine bar in La mesa and had the best Pinor Noir (Hob Nob)
2009-06-22 03:13:09 · Reply · View
ballerina311: Cuddling under the covers with a glass of wine, chocolates from "La Maison Du Chocolat" and a pile of movies next to me.
2009-06-22 03:12:51 · Reply · View
danharrelson: Back from a terrific dinner with the Armstrong clan. It was an adventure! Now, sipping one last glass of my $3 wine. Thanks Todd and Dana!
2009-06-22 03:12:51 · Reply · View
nikkiwoods: Thasss it gyal – wine ya waissssss
2009-06-22 03:12:50 · Reply · View
Blinder222: @MarcosAmbrose that was a great race hope you enjoyed the wine country
2009-06-22 03:12:46 · Reply · View
brianjohnson_sp: Just updated the wine blog. Coppola wines.
2009-06-22 03:12:45 · Reply · View
KasiaKolo: @ReeReeKins Well lets start now I just ate two pieces of cheese and drank a glass of wine…. ok nm, lets start tomorrow!!! ha ha
2009-06-22 03:12:40 · Reply · View
yarnagogo: At home. Wine at hand. True Blood on tap. And SLEEP IS IN MY FUTURE! Or as I originally typed it, SLEPP OS IN MY GUTURE!
2009-06-22 03:12:36 · Reply · View
MissImSerious: @kSims216 @Dynasty_Reigns tryin to get on this wine though?
2009-06-22 03:12:35 · Reply · View
matthewblondell: Having a glass of wine with Kenny Chesney on the iPod. Another perfect summer night. We’re on a roll! Keep the warm weather coming.
2009-06-22 03:12:30 · Reply · View

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