Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 19, 2009

findingurstyle: @MisterNoodle well he likes Star Wars and wine, so even if @davemcevers wasn’t cute, he can’t be all that bad
2009-06-20 03:15:47 · Reply · View
peter_chan: watching a movie in the hotel room and having some wine tonight. gonna be a busy day tomorrow at the con!
2009-06-20 03:15:44 · Reply · View
Nora_78: @JonathanRKnight OK Babe, Im drinking some wine and hoping you will tweet since I am OFF tomorrow! I dont drink often, already a lil buzzed.
2009-06-20 03:15:43 · Reply · View
DJFreshMaker: dinner tonight at 3rd Corner Wine Bistro in Ocean Beach. Heard this place was off the hook. I’ll let you know.
2009-06-20 03:15:37 · Reply · View
nitetimechick: Drinking a glass of wine from chile. Not the nappa valley but so good.
2009-06-20 03:15:37 · Reply · View
melsea: Is having a wonderful appetizer with a wonderful wine. I heart Todd.
2009-06-20 03:15:36 · Reply · View
MikePolarbear: Finished with the kitchen and getting the kids ready for bed.Cracked open a new box of wine.
2009-06-20 03:15:34 · Reply · View
YoungWino: had himself a tasty little ’08 Cycles Gladiator Pinot Grigio out at Malibu today. What’s your go-to wine for the beach? #beachwine
2009-06-20 03:15:33 · Reply · View
joshachump: They’re playing some cool shit in here. I may dutty wine.
2009-06-20 03:15:28 · Reply · View
rodrigdb: @zawfi @mac_in_TO LOL!! =P Almost done with first glass! I’m starting with the cheap wine.
2009-06-20 03:15:28 · Reply · View
Nicolette517: Baking cupcakes, drinking wine, watching RENT. Great Friday night. Can’t wait to see the show next week. Totally geeking out.
2009-06-20 03:15:26 · Reply · View
CTButterfly: 140Blog-Boy at dad’s. Shocker! Explained $$ is for the boy not me. Home alone so no excuses not to finish resume & cvr ltr. More wine pls.
2009-06-20 03:15:20 · Reply · View
foodwineclassic: Are you going to the FOOD & WINE Publisher’s party? #FWClassic
2009-06-20 03:15:05 · Reply · View
fbishara: No plans for the evening and in the mood for a glass of wine and fun convo
2009-06-20 03:14:45 · Reply · View
bewaretheleopar: Mmmmm. Lightly sozzled on good wine. Perfect
2009-06-20 03:14:40 · Reply · View
Sweetart111: Wine makes floors a lot less dependable.
2009-06-20 03:14:36 · Reply · View
LadyXanth: @WWJDinSLC add wine and you have a sacrament
2009-06-20 03:14:36 · Reply · View
Awake7two: Ah the pseudo single life. I’m going to dine on brie and drink white wine. Max will be tanning in the Florida moon.
2009-06-20 03:14:35 · Reply · View
kateowens: After 2 glasses of wine my ass is ready for bed. Your grandma + I should probably hang out! ;) good night twitterland fam xo.
2009-06-20 03:14:28 · Reply · View
twilsher: Getting wine at the 24th street plumpjack. Always like to support local stores, too bad the guy behind the counter is such an arrogant a …
2009-06-20 03:14:18 · Reply · View

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