Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 17, 2009

spainseojobs: Comercial venta – Fashion Wine Cafe – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas
2009-06-18 03:15:54 · Reply · View
permeister: RT @gumby007: @its_me_betty awe you should we can have wine and cake!!!!! did someone mention alcohol…
2009-06-18 03:15:48 · Reply · View
Luvsash27: Stressed, in more ways than 1, wish I could release sum stress (ZZZzzzzzzz) haha, inside joke, but real tho, sippin a glass of wine
2009-06-18 03:15:46 · Reply · View
Misslizzymarie: Amen sister RT @keekeyjane Wine-O Wednesday
2009-06-18 03:15:45 · Reply · View
britprice: just baked some DELISHY chicken…mmmmm now time to enjoy w. a glass of wine, perfect.
2009-06-18 03:15:40 · Reply · View
ChrisLJensen: This heat lightning is AWESOME. I think i’m going to enjoy a glass of wine on my roof tonight in a lawn chair. Classy i know.
2009-06-18 03:15:24 · Reply · View
3b1srobinson: @brettski_ Hi honey! Heather, Robin and I are drinking wine and Heather is making us use her breathalizer keychain. Miss you!
2009-06-18 03:15:23 · Reply · View
onbbc7now: 04:30 My Uncle Silas: The Death of Uncle Silas: It’s the end of a Life of Wine and Women for HE Bates’ nonagenarian rogue. Read and abri …
2009-06-18 03:15:23 · Reply · View
CalistaFoxBooks: Sending out cyber hug to BFF who sent wine basket with dark choco-covered Bavarian pretzels. Yum on day like this!
2009-06-18 03:15:22 · Reply · View
MissEricaLeah: Ok nevermind once again spanish is taking over my life! No more wine or movie. :(
2009-06-18 03:15:17 · Reply · View
jbailey09: Curled up with wine on the sofa watching family guy…. It’s raining outside!!!
2009-06-18 03:15:16 · Reply · View
eputis: Practiced new Recordable Colors song. Now it’s time for some fine wine and tv…
2009-06-18 03:14:59 · Reply · View
RichardBlais: Look for many tweets covering the weekends Food & Wine Classic in Aspen !
2009-06-18 03:14:59 · Reply · View
Ciel7: Marg and I just downed 2 beers (she drank most of my 1), glass of wine, a sundae, chocolate cake, and french fries. Yes, we’re Italian.
2009-06-18 03:14:57 · Reply · View
westhill21: I am a twit now. Lina helped me set it up. 3.0 iPhone update and twit. Not A bad day for the geek in me. Just had 2.875 glasses of wine. Yay
2009-06-18 03:14:56 · Reply · View
cristin2: crazy day pouring wine for Slow Food Golden Glass comptition. cant share winners but see event info: where u can try all!
2009-06-18 03:14:56 · Reply · View
2009-06-18 03:14:50 · Reply · View
pegsuecam: Outside sipping wine
2009-06-18 03:14:44 · Reply · View
its_me_betty: @gumby007 ok you are totally tempting me into going now lol! Wine & cake?! Yum!
2009-06-18 03:14:39 · Reply · View
_r_squared: picked a good night to buy wine
2009-06-18 03:14:32 · Reply · View

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