Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 15, 2009

poeticnerd: layin on the chaise, book in hand and a glass of red wine…i feel so grown up
2009-06-16 03:15:23 · Reply · View
helloelissa: Drinking wine looking at clothes I assume I will never be able to afford.
2009-06-16 03:15:20 · Reply · View
kooindahwaters: Have you visited Karinyas Restaurant & Wine Bar yet? You must try the food!
2009-06-16 03:15:17 · Reply · View
nataschamirosch: The wine QLD women want to drink is 04 Chain of Ponds The Amadeus Cab according to recent blind judging
2009-06-16 03:15:13 · Reply · View
WineInquirer: It’s a wine for the ages. #wine
2009-06-16 03:15:10 · Reply · View
z33: Using Wine to emulate Source Insight on my ubuntu9.04. Running perfect! Great!!
2009-06-16 03:15:06 · Reply · View
Jsorce89: Wine and cheese party tonight!
2009-06-16 03:14:46 · Reply · View
jlawrencem: @LPrecords ah, sorry I was Twitter-less for a while, the wine corks are for a friend of mine… he’s trying to make a cork board from them
2009-06-16 03:14:44 · Reply · View
wine_thirty: @flutters_bye love it! OMG please be careful oln your wine run! Im soooooooo concerned about your safety!!
2009-06-16 03:14:42 · Reply · View
sands303: @caduceuscellars I would have liked to try your wine- but I wasted my money on a ToolArmy membership. Where the FAQ hasn’t updated since ’03
2009-06-16 03:14:35 · Reply · View
nesgodawg: @arlenyan sounds good, has a pretty solid wine list too.
2009-06-16 03:14:31 · Reply · View
emkane715: Hanging out and drinking wine…
2009-06-16 03:14:27 · Reply · View
cnafrontpage: NY fine wine auction sells big, most buyers from Asia: NEW YORK: A New York auction of fine wine on Monday excee..
2009-06-16 03:14:04 · Reply · View
julieunplugged: wine glass empty, time for bed. Enjoyed you tonight: @dalissa @jeffgirton @veganjacob @jennpozner @russiandiva! g’night @margaretm too.
2009-06-16 03:14:03 · Reply · View
AundrayC: @hamfy1 You are welcome! So glad you love the quotes. Glad we’ve connected… Had your glass of wine tonight?
2009-06-16 03:14:00 · Reply · View
lacykizzate: @shaneheadboy please what is there to be depressed about. monday is finally over and its wine time
2009-06-16 03:13:57 · Reply · View
Vinetown: @jenepting love it! check out our story on summer wine gardens!
2009-06-16 03:13:51 · Reply · View
dfrost: How much wine do u have to drink before one considered a "Wine-o" and does that apply if the bottle is more than 30 dollars?
2009-06-16 03:13:45 · Reply · View
ptbonneville: @DorrieR Shutup and suck it up. Its only like 2 wks to your vac. I dont want to hear you wine.
2009-06-16 03:13:40 · Reply · View
LiveattheGarden: Trying to find the right wine for your picnic this Thursday night? May we suggest Doobie Red?
2009-06-16 03:13:36 · Reply · View

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