Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 13, 2009

sumthin2tripovr: family guy+wine+crazy+murr+maryjane= :)
2009-06-14 03:20:14 · Reply · View
kucharo: I live, literally, a block from the warehouse/showroom. So basically @pberry can kiss my hinder.
2009-06-14 03:20:03 · Reply · View
missjoy4: @talkingbeans loving @Bridget_CooKs cool pinky ring! Reminds me of old Get Smart…sleeping potion inside – just cleverly drops it in wine
2009-06-14 03:19:56 · Reply · View
Ashlynkat: WOO! Going to the Grand Tasting of the Seattle Wine Awards Thanks @winomagazine
2009-06-14 03:19:37 · Reply · View
srcorwin: glass of wine and hot tub withsister in law,,,,,.nice…..
2009-06-14 03:19:35 · Reply · View
ladytess: Sitting out on the deck with wine and my laptop after a long day at work :)
2009-06-14 03:19:33 · Reply · View
zikiel: @johnyepes Black Shiraz, Mysterious Wine, Sounds Heavenly. Enjoy.:)
2009-06-14 03:19:32 · Reply · View
PlusSizeBarbie2: Is having a wonderful Saturday night; got my glass of wine, watching the last dragon, and smoking a square! Enjoy Life!!!!!
2009-06-14 03:19:31 · Reply · View
TweSommelier: Wine: Good for the palate, good for the economy-
2009-06-14 03:19:22 · Reply · View
angela_spangela: Can wine go skunk? And if so, is it called skunk or is it some fancypants wine term?
2009-06-14 03:19:17 · Reply · View
FUGAZI100: Tam O Shanter, red wine with Sam n Marc, Jimmy, the willy broons for mohawk and micks relatives banter. gooooood night
2009-06-14 03:19:14 · Reply · View
notanotherone: Watching the Speed Channel, AMA Superbikes, 24hrs of Le Mans. Would be sweet to go to Sonoma Grand Prix for Indy action in the wine country.
2009-06-14 03:19:12 · Reply · View
whitwatson: @KanuDawg Mondavi tour is worth the time; best wine in valley, IMO, is at Frank Family Vnyrds. Their chardonnay will make a grown man weep.
2009-06-14 03:19:02 · Reply · View
AidenDelirium: Still at the party. Wine is the best! ^-^
2009-06-14 03:18:57 · Reply · View
viewinery: Finished after a long day at the winery! Thanks to all the folks who stopped by to taste and purchase wine! #wine
2009-06-14 03:18:51 · Reply · View
nelsonmaud: @Josh_Biggs think ive had enough wine here lol
2009-06-14 03:18:41 · Reply · View
LiveLights: I need to get our of this bummer mood. WINE? IS that YOU calling my name?!
2009-06-14 03:18:39 · Reply · View
Lynny0780: enjoyed some good wine and food tonight.
2009-06-14 03:18:38 · Reply · View
JennyDanz: a little glass of wine….a little relaxation…aaahhhhh
2009-06-14 03:18:26 · Reply · View
KeranaWines: When in Clearwater Florida pick up some Kerana Organic Wine at ‘Nature’s Food Patch’ Great selection of organic products and friendly staff
2009-06-14 03:18:22 · Reply · View

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