Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 11, 2009

glamjam: Why do I have a bowl of wine corks on my art desk? Hmm…
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Bachhus: Umami: a
Japanese word for “savory” – sensation of “savoriness”, one of the
five basic tastes sensed by the tongue in how we taste wine.
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schizoscribe: Why have I been such a fan of vodka all these years?! WINE is THE SHIZ.
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BigTah: @tonymission LOL! Hellbender Red goes good with a nice meal. But I’ll drink this wine called Traminette all by myself from the bottle. LOL
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pagingDrCullen: @TheCagedSkylark ewww, you deserve a drink! are you a wine or a liquor gal?
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ocpeter: Watching the Laker game and drinking wine instead of doing dishes.
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higgywiggypiggy: awww it’s Hugh Laurie’s Birthday – I’ll celebrate with a glass of wine later
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bennyjonesjr: get wine choices with your meal @ #wine #winepairings
#wine-and-food #wine-food
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stephgail: Clean laundry, clean apartment, clean wine, clean cat..clean, clean….
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nolakim79: I love old movies. Nothing like a nice night in with a glass of wine and some of the classics!
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IzzyEdible: @FredaMooncotch You are at a wine bar with your laptop…Hmmmm I think it is time to put the computer down & relax. :) Enjoy!
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whywine: White Paper On Social Media & Wine: Founded in 2008 VinTank creates innovative online solutions for selling &#38..
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dmburrows: coffee now costs more than wine. 12.99 for beans vs 10.21 for Liberty Chardonnay
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crlundine: The Culture Index event will not only have coffee from The Roasterie but will also have wine from WINE of Brookside!
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cork_dork: @enobytes @sobonwine I love sobon wines. I used to sell a lot of them as a wine managerf for Total Wines when I was on the east coast
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KiddingAround: RT @Travelzoo Hello Canada! Check out this Okanagan Valley 2-Night Wine Tour Package for just $249! That’s 45% OFF!
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nunca433: wine, incense, and fine literature for the next few hours and then today is over.
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aj1277: Just went to the wine bar in my building for the first time… good happy hour specials. May have to return…
2009-06-12 03:16:07 · Reply · View
amandastewart: @ckinney haha. Sure. Me with a glass of wine :) would that be ok?
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