Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 8, 2009

rachelkorrin: @inque54 that’s nice. i don’t need a barrel. just a bottle of wine.
2009-06-09 03:15:43 · Reply · View
iskimp: Drinkin fruit juice in a wine glass lol
2009-06-09 03:15:28 · Reply · View
VinoMike: Hey fellow winos, your missing some great wine (and other) related tweets from @waynestreet . So screw #followfriday and follow today!
2009-06-09 03:15:27 · Reply · View
gregoryarlt: Pure Food and Wine restaurant in NY? Genius, delicious raw organic food….Mmmm!!!
2009-06-09 03:15:26 · Reply · View
reneegollman: Time for a glass of wine and some reelaaxation :)
2009-06-09 03:15:25 · Reply · View
benher: I fear I may have made a very big mistake. I am breaking up with wine, it is no longer my friend.
2009-06-09 03:15:23 · Reply · View
MindUrMomma: Cookin’ News Dallas Food and Wine Blog, Restaurant News, Foodie News, Dallas …
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Travel_With_US: Napa wine auction raises $5M for charity San Jose Mercury News: ST HELENA CalifThe Napa Valley wine auction an a..
2009-06-09 03:15:18 · Reply · View
the_glendon: I know big wine glasses are to help aerate wine, but I don’t think their creators will be upset if I use them to avoid having to refill.
2009-06-09 03:15:15 · Reply · View
Travel_With_US: Charleston Daily Mail West Virginia News and Sports AP Business …: ST HELENA CalifAP The Napa Valley wine auct..
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TheGourmetGirl: Calling all #wine lovers, want your suggestions for a Malbec Please use #GGMWINE thanks.
2009-06-09 03:15:13 · Reply · View
Diwa777: smoke weed every day drink some wine have fun be loyal or royal its your choice my way is mine dont interpret your way else it will be more
2009-06-09 03:14:59 · Reply · View
lotstar: RT @occmakeup: Our current obsession? Colour Lip Balm in Vintage. The perfect sheer, wine-coloured stain.
2009-06-09 03:14:54 · Reply · View
KarinKB: Wine Debuts & Discoveries Thursday, June 25, Seattle Aquarium Tickets: $40 Great view through 20′ x 40′ Window on Washington Waters exhibit
2009-06-09 03:14:46 · Reply · View
prouty: That commercial for Korean Air (that looks like it’s for a perfume… no wine… no hotel…) is so odd. Has anyone here flown that airline?
2009-06-09 03:14:43 · Reply · View
Kmoloo: @Elle_J_Ess so i popped open a bottle of wine and couldn’t help thinking that it doesn’t turn to alcohol unless i let it sit, better drinkup
2009-06-09 03:14:28 · Reply · View
pressroomgroup: horizontal blind tasting of 1975 bordeaux last night. l’Evangile was top wine, beating Latour, Haut Brion, Cheval among others.
2009-06-09 03:14:26 · Reply · View
aussiewinelady: RT @raelinn_wine: ahhhh say it with me… that little flush you get from a red wine is just sublime…
2009-06-09 03:14:27 · Reply · View
paranormalcolo: food, wine and spirits my kind of place
2009-06-09 03:14:20 · Reply · View
nicolgrumpybear: If there’s thing hardship has taught me, it’s that everything always works out. Im ok now. Gonna have a glass of wine & chill
2009-06-09 03:14:16 · Reply · View

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